Measure R Citizens' Oversight Committee (COC)

On November 7, 2006, the voters of Tulare County approved Measure R, imposing a 1/2 cent sales tax for transportation within the incorporated and unincorporated area of Tulare County for the next 30 years. The transportation measure will generate slightly more than $652 million over 30 years to Tulare County’s transportation needs.

Regional Projects
Regional projects have been dedicated 50% of all the Measure R funds. These funds will be used for things such as:

  • Adding additional lanes
  • Improving freeway interchanges
  • Increasing safety and the improvement and reconstruction of major commute corridors

The projects will allow for the movement of goods, services, and people throughout Tulare County. 

Local Programs
The local program of Measure R will be allocated 35% of all Measure R funds. The purpose of this program is to improve transportation in all member cities of Tulare County Association of Governments (TCAG), plus the county. This funding will help cities and the county to meet scheduled maintenance needs and aid in the rehabilitation of their aging transportation systems. 

Transit / Bike / Environmental
The last portion of Measure R funds will be used for transit, bikes, and an environmental mitigation projects. This program will use 14% of all Measure R funds. The goal of this program is to expand and enhance public transit programs that address the transit dependent population. Mobility will also be improved through the construction of bike lanes, which have a demonstrated ability to get people out of their cars and improve air quality and the environment.