Model Run Request Form

Future Demand
In order to plan for future transportation needs, transportation planners use a computer-based transportation modeling program that compiles a wide variety of data and then forecasts future transportation demands. The model can help identify those roads that have the heaviest traffic volumes and may need upgrades in the future.

The model is also important in determining conformity to air quality requirements. Staff can use the model to find segments of roads that have high levels of congestion resulting in higher levels of pollution.

Travel demand models are used for transportation project development, transportation planning and land use planning. Models are adapted to represent the project/development characteristics and report on the areas affected by the project. Project data is used to update transportation networks and related land use changes. From the time all appropriate data have been received, a typical modeling request takes up to three weeks to complete depending on existing workload.  Therefore, using this request form as a guide to making a request for a model run should greatly reduce the time required to assemble the information needed to start the model run. Requesting agencies and consultants should be prepared to discuss details related to their model run request. This may take place as e-mail, a phone call, or a meeting, depending on the complexity of the request.

Submit a Modeling Request
1. Submitting this form is the first step in requesting a model run.
2. Attach any additional documents needed for model run such as special notes or instructions.
Please submit request to :
Roberto Brady

Tulare County Association of Governments

210 North Church, Suite B

Visalia, CA.  93291


TCAG Staff will follow up with an e-mail, a phone call, or meeting as necessary to ask clarifying questions and obtain further detail, if necessary. This request form serves as the formal documentation for a model run and will be filed as public record.

Additional Information call (559) 623-0450