Transportation Acronoyms

3C                            Continuing, Cooperative and Comprehensive planning                                                           
3E                            Education, Enforcement & Encouragement (SR2S)
3R                            Resurfacing, Restoration & Rehabilitation work
4R                            All of the above, plus Reconstruction
404                          ACOE permit for waterway dredging or filling
gAA                         Affirmative Action
AAEE                      American Academy of Environmental Engineers
AA/EO                     Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity
AAMAS                   Asphalt Aggregate Mixture Analysis System
AAP                         Arterial Analysis Package
AAR                        Agency Action Request
AARP                      American Association of Retired Persons
AASHTO                 American Assoc. of State Highway Officials
AADT                      Average Annual Daily Traffic (two way)
AADTT                   Average Annual Daily Truck Traffic
AB                           Aggregate Base
AB69                       Created RTPAs
AB140                     1988, Deddeh Act, revised the STIP process
AB402                     1977, Alquist/Ingalls Act, California Transportation Reform Act,
set up the STIP process & CTC
AB 872                    1999: Authorizes local agencies to spend Fed & State matching funds in current STIP for eligible work prior to allocation by CTC.
AB1012                   1999: Main intent to reduce large cash balance in State Highway Account by accelerating project delivery. Contains use it or lose it language whereby funds not obligated within three years of allocation lapse and are distributed to other projects.
AB1475                   SR2S established in CA
AB2928                   2000: Traffic Congestion Relief Act, $5 billion. Also establishes exchange of Fed RSTP & CMAQ funds for State transportation funds.
AB3929                   Transportation Enhancement Relief Act
ABA                        Appropriated Budget Authority
ABAG                      Association of Bay Area Governments
ABET                      Accreditation Board for Engineering
and Technology
ABM                        Air Blown Mortar
ABME                     Area Bridge Maintenance Engineer
ABS                         Acroconitril-Butadiene-Styrene,
                Antilock Braking System
AC                           Advance Construction
A&C                        Abatement and Control
ACB                         Asphalt Concrete Base
ACE                         Alamont Commuter Express;
Rail Program – Stockton to San Jose
ACHP                      Advisory Council on Historic Preservation             
ACI                          American Concrete Institute
ACOE                      Army Corps of Engineers       
ACP                         Asphalt Concrete Pavement,
Asbestos Cement Pipe
ACPA                      American Concrete Pavement Assoc.
ACPPA                    American Concrete Pressure Pipe Association
ACR                         Allocation Change Request
ACSP                       Automated Capital Spending Plan
ACTA                      Alameda County Transportation Authority
ACWP                      Actual Cost of Work Performed
ADA                        Americans with Disabilities Act,
Advance Deposit Application
(for local program reimbursements.)
ADAAG                   Americans with Disabilities Act
Accessibility Guidelines
ADIS                       Advanced Driver Information System
ADM                       Arrow Diagramming Method
ADMS                     Archived Data Management Subsystem (ITS)
ADR                        Alternative Dispute Resolution
AdSC                       Administrative Service Center                 
ADT                        Average Daily Traffic
ADUS                      Archived Data User Service (ITS)
AE                           Area Engineer
A&E                        Architectural & Engineering
AED                        Associated Equipment Distributors
AEM                        Acoustic Emission Monitoring
AEP                         Association of Environmental Professionals
AFD                         Architecture Flow Diagram
AFO                         Animal Feeding Operation
AFT                         American Farmland Trust
AGC                        Association of General Contractors
AGT                        Automated Guideway Transit
AHAR                      Automatic Highway Advisory Radio
AHS                         Automated Highway System,  
Average Highway Speed
AI                            Artificial Intelligence;  active ingredient
                                Asphalt Institute
AIA                         American Institute of Architects                             
AIAC                       American Indian Advisory Council
AI/E                         Architectural Inventory/Evaluation form
AID                         Architecture Interconnect Diagram (ITS)
AIHA                       American Industrial Health Association
AIMS                       Agency Information Management Strategy (TMS)
AIP                          American Institute of Planners
AIRS                        Aerometric Information Retrieval System
ALGOL                   Algebraic Oriented Language
ALOADS                 Automated Location and Design System
AL                           Acceptable Level,
regulatory Action Level (water qual.)
ALP                         Annual Leave Program
AM                          Amplitude Modulation, Anti Meridian
AMBAG                  Association of Monterey County Bay Area Govts
AMBER alert           America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response
AMFA                     Alternative Motor Fuels Act
AMIS                       Automated Management Information System
AMPS                      Advanced Mobile Phone System (ITS)
ANPRM                   Advanced Notice of Proposed Rule Making
ANSI                       American National Standards Institute
ANWR                     Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (Alaska)
AO                           Agency Object (3-digit code used in TRS,
 also in WBS)
AOA                        Activity-on-Arrow
AON                        Activity-on-Node
APA                         Asphalt Pavement Alliance
APE                         Area of Potential Effect
APCD                      Air Pollution Control District
APDE                      Advance Project Development Element
APEC                       Automated Procedures for Engin. Consultants
APEI                        Area of Potential Environmental Impact
APHA                      American Public Health Association
APM                        Area Project Managers,
Assistant Project Manager
APN                         Assessor’s Parcel Number
ARRA                      Asphalt Recycling and Reclamation Assoc.
APS                         Advance Planning Study;
Accessible Pedestrian Signals
APSEA                    Asian-Pacific State Employees Association            
APT                         Accelerated Pavement Testing
APTA                      American Public Transit Association
APTS                       Advanced Public Transportation System (ITS)
APU                         auxiliary power units
APWA                     American Public Works Association
AQCP                      Air Quality Control Program
AQCR                      Air-Quality Control Region
AQI                         Air Quality Index
AQMA                     Air-Quality Maintenance Area
AQMD                     Air Quality Management District
AQMP                     Air Quality Management Plan
ARA                        Automatic Road Analyzer
ARB                         Air Resources Board
AR’s                        Attainment Regulations
AREA                      American Railway Engineering Association            
ARHM                     Asphalt-Rubber Hot Mix
ARHM-GG              Asphalt-Rubber Hot Mix – Gap Graded
ARM                        Air Resources Management
ARTBA                    American Road & Transportation Builders Assoc.
ARTS                       Advanced Rural Transportation Systems
AS                           Aggregate Subbase
ASAP                       As-Soon-As-Possible
ASC                         Admin. Services Center
                Accounting Services Center    
Agricultural Services Center
ASCE                       American Society of Civil Engineers
ASCII                      American Standard Code of Info. Interchange
ASF                         Automotive Safety Foundation
ASHRAE                 American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers
ASI                          Acceleration Severity Index
ASME                      American Society of Mechanical Engineers            
ASNT                      American Society for Nondestructive Testing
ASPEN                    Automated Telephone Answering System
ASR                         Archaeological Survey Report; 
(Evaluation of prehistoric archaeological resources in the project study area)
Alkali-silica reactivity
ASRP                       Aluminum Spiral Rib Pipe
AST                         Acceptance Samples and Tests
ASTM                      American Society for Testing Materials
ATA                        American Trucking Association
ATAC                      Active Transportation Advisory Committee
ATIS                        Advanced Traveler Information Systems
ATMS                      Advanced Traffic Management Systems
ATP                         Active Transportation Progarm/Plan
ATPB                       Asphalt Treated Permeable Base
ATSAC                    Automated Traffic Surveillance & Control System
ATSD                      Advanced Transportation System Development
ATSSA                    American Traffic Safety Services Association
ATV                        All Terrain Vehicle
AU                           Animal Unit
AVA                        Abandoned Vehicle Abatement
AVCO                      Automatic Vehicle Control Systems
AVCS                      Advanced Vehicle Control Systems (ITS)
AVI                         Automated Vehicle Identification
AVL                        Authorized Vehicle Lane;  
Automated Vehicle Location (ITS)
AVO                        Automated Vehicle Operation (ITS)
AVR                        Average Vehicle Ridership
AWRA                     American Water Resources Association
AWS                        Alternate Work Schedule                                                         American Welding Society
AWT                        Average Weekday Traffic
AWWA                    American Water Works Association       
BAC                         Blood Alcohol Concentration,
Budget at Completion
BACM                     Best Available Control Measures            
BACT                      Best Available Control Technology
BADT                      Best Available Demonstrated Technology
BAGR                      Bridge Approach Guard Rail
BALI                       Basic Arterial Local Intersection
BAMS                      Bid Analysis and Management System
BARM                     Basic Asphalt Recycling Manual             
BART                      Bay Area Rapid Transit
BAS                         Bridge Approach Slab
BASS                       Black Advocates in State Service
BASIC                     Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BAT                         Best Available Technology,
Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training  (DOL)
BB                           Beginning of Bridge
BBS                         Bulletin Board System,           
Battery Backup System
BC                           Beginning of Curve
BCA                         Benefit Cost Analysis
BCO                         Thin-Bonded Concrete Overlay                              
BCP                         Budget Change Proposal: Official request to D/Finance & Legislature to revise level or sources of funding.
BCR                         Begin Curb Return
BCT                         Breakaway Cable Terminal
BCWP                      Budgeted Cost of Work Performed
BCWS                      Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled
BEA 1990                                Budget Enforcement Act of 1990
BEAR                      Broad Emergency Assistance Radio (System)
BEES                       Basic Engineering Estimating System
BEP                         Business Enterprise Program
BER                         Bridge Evaluation Report
BFRs                        Brominated Flame Retardants: widely used in plastics, foams, textiles, many electrical appliances, and building materials such as house walls, roofs and parking decks. Increasing amounts of BFR residues have been detected in humans and the environment.
BHT                         Business, Housing, and Transportation Agency
BIA                          Bureau of Indian Affairs;  
Building Industry Association
BIOS                        Basic Input/Operating System
BIR                          Bridge Inspection Report
BIT                          Binary Digit                                            
BLA                         Bicycle Lane Account program (State)
BLM                        Bureau of Land Management
BMP                        Best Management Practice
BMS                        Bridge Management System, process for achieving cost effective maintenance       
BNF                         Backus- Naur Form (ITS)
BNSF                       Burlington Northern Santa Fe
BO                           Budget Obligations, Biological Opinion
BOD                        Biochemical Oxygen Demand,
Biological Oxygen Demand
BOD5                      Biochemical oxygen demand (as measured in the standard 5-day test)
BSO                         Building, Structures and Obstruction report (HPSR)
BP                            Before Present, Boiling Point                  
BPM                        Beginning Post Mile.
= zero at south or west County line
BPR                         Business Process Review
(1997 study of project management in Caltrans)
BPR                         Bureau of Public Roads
BRT                         Bus Rapid Transit (ITS)
BSR                         Beginning of Slope Rounding
BSW                        Back of Sidewalk
BTA                         Bicycle Transportation Account
BT&H                      Business, Transportation and Housing Agency
BTOS                       Basic Traffic Operations System
BTS                         Bureau of Transportation Statistics
BUN                        Blood Urea Nitrogen
BVC                         Begin Vertical Curve
BW                          Barbed Wire
BWF                        Barbed Wire Fence                                  
CAA                        Federal Clean Air Act (1970),
Cable Anchor Assembly                         
CAAA                     Clean Air Act Amendment of 1990,
(1977 & 1970)
CA                           Contract Authority, Certification Acceptance
CAATS                    Calif. Alliance for Advanced Transportation Systems
CAC                         California Administrative Code,
Citizens Advisory Committee
CAD                        Computer-Aided Drafting
CADD                      Computer-Aided Drafting and Design
CAER                      Community Awareness and Emergency Response
CAFO                      Concentrated Animal Feedlot;
Consent Agreement/Final Order
CAG                        Citizens Advisory Group
CAH                        Controlled Access Highways
CALACT                 Calif. Association for Coordinated Transportation
CASASFMRA          California Association of Farm Managers and Rural Assessors
CALNET                 Calif. Integrated Telecom. System (8-….)
Cal OES                      California Office of Emergency Services
Cal/OSHA                                Calif. Office of Safety and Health Administration
CAM                        Caltrans Administrative Manual,             
Cooperative Agreement Manual
CAMP                      Continuous Air Monitoring Program
CANDE                   Culvert Analysis and Design
CAO                        Corrective Action Order
CAP                         Corrugated Aluminum Pipe,                                                     Certification Acceptance Plan
                                Corrective Action Plan.                                                            Control Account Plan
Cost Allocation Procedure.                      Criteria Air Pollutant
CAPA                      Corrugated Aluminum Pipe Arch
CAPM                      Capital Preventive Maintenance
CAQP                      Congestion and Air Quality Program
CAR                         Caltrans Action Request,                                                          Cooperative Agreement Report
CARB                      California Air Resources Board
CARS                       Caltrans Auxiliary Radio System
CAS                         Construction area signs
CASAC                    Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee
CASE                       Computer Aided Software Engineering;
Computer Aided Systems Engineering (ITS)
CASP                       California Aviation System Plan;            
Corrugated Aluminized Steel Pipe
CAT EX                   Categorical Exemption (State);
Categorical Exclusion (Federal)
CATIA                     Clean Air and Transportation Improvement Act
CaTNAP                  California Traffic Noise Analysis Protocol (
CATV                      Cable Television
CB                           Catch Basin, Citizens Band
CBA                         Cost Benefit Analysis
CBC                        California Bicycle Coalition,
California Building Code
CBD                         Central Business District
CBMC                      Causes Beyond My Control (my coinage)               
CBO                         Congressional Budget Office
CBR                         California Bearing Ratio
CBTP                       Community Based Transportation Planning grants
CC                           Construction Complete
CCA                         California Coastal Act of 1976
CCAA                      Calif. Clean Air Act
CCAPA                    California Chapter of the American Planning Association
CCB                         Change Control Board
CCC                         California Coastal Commission;              
California Conservation Corps
CCI                          Construction Cost Index
CCIC                        Central California Information Center
CCMP                      Comprehensive Conservation and Manage. Plan
CCO                         Contract Change Order
CCR                         California Code of Regulations
CCROC                    California Civil Rights Officers Council
CCS                         California Coordinate System;
Construction Control Survey
CCSFCC                   City-County-State-Federal Cooperation Council
CCTV                      Closed Circuit TV
CD                           Contract delegation (purchase order)      
CDC                         Centers for Disease Control
CDF                         California Department of Forestry
CDBG                      Community Development Block Grant
CDFG                      Calif. Dept of Fish & Game
CDH                        California Division of Highways
CDL                         California Drivers License
CDMA                     Code Division Multiple Access (ITS)
CDPD                      Cellular Digital Packet Data (ITS)
CD(PO)                    Contract Delegation (Purchase Order)
CE                           Categorical Exclusion (NEPA);             
Categorical Exemption, (CEQA)
Construction Engineering
CEA                         Career Executive Assignment (Appointment)
CEAC                      County Engineers Association of California;
Caltrans Employment Advisory Committee
CEBC                       Conference
CEC                         California Energy Commission;              
Caltrans Encroachment Committee
CELSOC                  Consulting Engs. and Land Surveyors of Calif.
CEMs                      Continuous Emissions Monitors
CEP                         Cumulative Exposure Project
CEQ                         Council of Environmental Quality
(Federal Agency)
CEQA                      California Environmental Quality Act (1970)
CERCLA                  Comprehensive Environmental.Response, Compensation/Liab. Act
CERES                     Calif. Envir. Resources Evaluation System
CERF                       Civil Engineering Research Foundation
CERL                       Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
CESA                       Calif. Endangered Species Act
CEU                         Continuing Education Unit
CFC                         Cost of Facilities Capital, Chlorofluorocarbons
CFDA                      Catalogue of Federal Domestic Assistance
CFM                        Chlorofluoromethanes
CFR                         Code of Federal Regulations
CFRA                       The California Family Rights Act of 1992 is a State law administered and enforced by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing. CFRA was revised to conform to the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993.
CFRP                       Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced-Plastic
CFS                          Cubic feet per second
CFU                         Colony Forming Unit (water qual)
C&G                        Curb and Gutter                                      
CGP                         Construction General Permit (NPDES)
CH4                          Methane
CHIN                       California Highway Information Network
CHP                         Calif. Highway Patrol
CHIN                       California Highway Information Network:
1-800-427-7623, 999
or,   #999
CHRIS                    Calif. Historical Resources Information System
CIA                         Community Impact Assessment; Evaluates the impacts that a project may have on community, incl, neighborhoods and farmland.
CIC                          Critical Intersection Control
CIDH                       Cast-in-Drilled-Hole
CIMAC                    Caltrans Improves Mobility Across California
CIP                          Capital Improvement Program – 7-year program to maintain or improve traffic LOS & transit performance and to mitigate impacts identified by the CMP;
Cast-in-Place; cast iron pipe
CIPCP                      cast-in-place concrete pipe
CIR                          Council on Intergovernmental Relations
                                Cold In Place (recycling of asphalt)
CIT                          California Institute of Technology
CITAB                     Calif. Information Technology Advisory Board
CIU                          Controller Interface Unit
CIWMB                   California Integrated Waste Management Board
C&L                        Certification and Licensing
CLAS                       California Leave Accounting System
CLP                         Continuous Learning Program
CLUP                       Comprehensive Land Use Plan
CMA                        Congestion Management Agencies
CMAQ                    Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality
CMB                        Concrete Median Barrier
CMC                        Construction Metrication Council
CMP                        Congestion Management Program, Plan;
Corridor Management Plan (Scenic Highways);
Corrugated Metal Pipe
CMS                        Congestion Management System,                                             Changeable Message Signs
CMSA                      Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area
CMV                        commercial motor vehicles
CNDDB                   California Natural Diversity Data Base    
CNG                        Compressed Natural Gas
CNLM                     Center for Natural Lands Management.
CNPS                       California Native Plant Society (data base)
CO                           Carbon Monoxide
COB                         Close of Business
COBOL                    Common Business Oriented Language
COBRA                    Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act
COC                        Citizen’s Overrsight Committee
COCO                      Contractor-Owned/ Contractor-Operated
COD                        Chemical Oxygen Demand
CODP                      Career Opportunity Development Program
COE                         Category of Expenditure (budgetary grouping)
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
COFPAES                Council on the Federal Procurement of Architectural and Engineering Services
COG                       Council of Governments (local, see LTA)
COH                        Coefficient Of Haze
COGO                      coordinate geometry
COL                         Collector (Urban)
Congestion               Reduced speeds less than 35 MPH
for longer than 15 min.
COP                         Capital Outlay Projects
CORBA                    Common Object Request Broker Architecture (ITS)
COS                         Capital Outlay Support
COS                            College of the Sequoias
COTR                      Contracting Officer Technical Representative (ITS)
COZEEP                  COnstruction Zone Enhanced Enforcement Program or Patrol
CP                            Capital Projects
CPC                         Consolidated Planning Committee (STANCOG)
CPF                          Combined Pay Factor
CPFF                        Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee
CPH                         California Permit Handbook
CPI                          Cost Performance Index
CPIF                        Cost-Plus-Incentive-Fee
CPM                        Critical Path Method
CPMC                      Capital Projects Management Council
CPR                         Cardio-Pulminary Resusitation               
CPRC                       California Public Resources Code
CPSD                       Capital Project Skill Development
CPU                         Central Processing Unit
CPUC                       Calif. Public Utilities Commission
CRAC                      Cold Recycled AC
CRAP                       Construction Records and Procedures
CRB                         Contract Review Board
CRCP                       Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement
CRDA                      Cooperative Research and Development Agreement
CRHP                       California Register of Historic Places
CRIP                        Cost Reduction Incentive Proposal
CRLF                       California Red Legged Frog
CRP                         Conservation Reserve Program;              
Combined Road Plans
CRSI                        Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute
CRT                         Cathode Ray Tube
CRV                         California Redemption Value
CSAC                       California State Association of Counties;                
California Supervisors Association of California
CSD                         Context Sensitive Design
CSEA                       California State Employees Association
CSHC                       Calif. Streets & Highways Code
CSI                          Common Sense Initiative;
Compliance Sampling Inspection
CSIP                        Corridor Safety Improvement Program
CSO                         Combined Sewer Overflow
CSP                          Corrugated Steel Pipe;
Communication Service Provider (ITS)
CSPA                       Corrugated Steel Pipe Arch
CSRC                       California Special Reference Center
(global positioning technologies)
CSS                         Context Sensitive Solutions (involving all stakeholders in the development of a project to ensure that a project fits its physical setting and preserves scenic, aesthetic, historic and environmental resources while maintaining safety and mobility.
CSTI                        California Specialized Training Institute
CSUS                       California State University, Stanislaus; Sac.            
CSWC                      Construction Storm Water Coordinator
CT                           Caltrans,  Census Tract
CTAA                      Community Transportation Assoc. of America
CTAP                       Cooperative Training Assistance Program (Fed)
CTB                         Cement Treated Base
CTC                         California Transportation Commission;
Nine appointed members
CTE                         Center For Transportation And The Environment
CTO                         Compensatory Time Off
CTP                         California Transportation Plan
CTIFS                      Calif. Transportation Infrastructure Funding System
CTIPS                      California Transportation Improvement Plan System. A computer database used by CT & MPOs to input & track Fed. Funded transportation projects. See LPAMS
CTIS                        California Transportation Investment Strategy
CTPB                       Cement Treated Permeable Base
CTR                         California Toxics Rule
C-TRIS                    Calif. Transportation Research Info. System (UCB)
CTS                         Commuter Transportation Services
CTSA                       Coordinated Service Transportation Agency
CUF                         Commercially Useful Function (DBE)
CV                           Cost Variance
CVAS                      Commercial Vehicle Administration Subsystem (ITS)
CVCS                       Commercial Vehicle Check Subsystem (ITS)
CVHAS                    Cooperative Vehicle-Highway Automation Systems
CVISN                     Commercial Vehicle Info. Systems and Networks (ITS)
CVO                        Commercial Vehicle Operations (ITS)
CVS                         Commercial Vehicle Subsystem (ITS)
CWA                        Clean Water Act
CWD                        Corridor Wide Display System (ITS)
CWNS                      Clean Water Needs Survey
CY                           Calendar Year
CYA                        Cover Your Assets (not CT);                                                   California Youth Authority
CZMA                     Coastal Zone Management Act                
CZARA                    Coastal Zone Act Reauthorization Amendments
DAB                        Digital Audio Broadcast (ITS)
DAC                        Disability Advisory Council                   
DAF                         Damage Assessment Form
DAMP                     Drainage Analysis & Modeling Program
DAR                        Defense Access Roads
DAR                           Dial-a-Ride
DART                         Dinuba Area Regional Transit
DARTS                    Dynamic Arterial Responsive Traffic Signal System
DAT                        Diagnostic Acceptance Testing
DAT.COM               Director’s Advisory Team for Communication
DBA                        Doing Business As, Decibels, “A” Scale
DBE                         Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
DBELO                    Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Liaison Officer
DBMS                      Data Base Management System
D/C                          Demand Capacity ratio
DCIU                       Discrimination Complaint Investigation Unit
DCP                         Dynamic Cone Penetrometer
DCS                         Data Collection System
DCU                        Discrimination Complaint Unit
DD                           District Director; Data Dictionary (ITS)
DDC                        District Division Chief
DDD                        Deputy District Director
DDE                        Data Dictionary Element (ITS)                                
DDT                        DichloroDiphenylTrichloroethane
DEB                         District Environmental Branch
DED                        Draft Environmental Document
DEIR                       Draft Environmental Impact Report (CEQA)
DEIS                        Draft Environmental Impact Statement (NEPA)
DEN                        Data Exchange Network (ITS)
DES                         Division of Engineering Services                                                             Diethylstilbesterol
DF                           Douglas Fir
DFD                         Data Flow Diagram (ITS)
DfE                          Design for the Environment
DFEH                      Department of Fair Employment and Housing (California)
DFG                         Dept of Fish and Game (Cal)                  
DGAC                      Dense Graded Asphalt Concrete
DGAC(R)                                 Dense Graded Asphalt Concrete (Rubberized)
DGPS                       Differential Global Positioning System (ITS)
DGS                         Department of General Services
DHS                         Department of Health Services
DHHS                      Department of Health and Human Services (Feds)
DHV                        Two way Design Hourly Volume
DI                            Drainage Inlet
DIB                          Design Information Bulletin
DIB 82                     Pedestrian Accessibility Guidelines for Highway Projects
DIP                          Diamond Interchange Program
DLAE                      District Local Assistance Engineer
DLR                         Detection Limit for Reporting (water qual.)
DMBB                     Double metal beam barrier
DME                        District Materials Engineer
DMR                        Discharge Monitoring Report
DMS                        Dynamic Message Sign (ITS)
DMT                        Division of Mass Transportation                            
DMV                       Department of Motor Vehicles
DNA                        deoxyribonucleic acid
DND                        Draft Negative Declaration
DOA                        Division of Aeronautics; Division of Accounting
DOC                        Department of Commerce (Feds)
DOD                        Department Of Defense
DOE                        Department Of Energy; District Office Engineer
DOF                         Department of Finance
DOJ                         Department of Justice (Feds)
DOL                        Department of Labor (Feds)
DLA                        Division of Local Assistance (formerly OLP)
DOL FOH                Dept. of Labor Field Operations Handbook (Feds)
DOS                         Division of Structures; Disk Operating System
DOT                        Dept. of Transportation                          
DOTP                      Division of Transportation Planning
DPA                         Dept. of Personnel Administration
DPI                          Dots per Inch
DPR                         Department of Parks and Recreation  (The Office of Historic Preservation which administers Section 106 of the Historic Preservation Act is part of State Parks and Recreation.  Hence, the DPR forms for Section 106.)
DRB                         Dispute Review Board
DRI                          Division of Research & Innovation
DRIM                      Draft Relocation Impact Memo
DRIS                        Draft Relocation Impact Study/Statement
DROA                      departmental restriction of appointments
DSA                         Division of the State Architect,
Disturbed Soil Area
DSB                         Donor State Bonus funds
DSC                         Division of Structure Construction
DSI                          Detailed Site Investigation
DSMP                      District System Management Plan
DSRC                       Dedicated Short Range Communications (ITS)
DST                         Daylight Savings Time
DSWC                      District Storm Water Coordinator
DTA                        Dynamic Traffic Assignment (ITS)
DTAC                      Departmental Transportation Advisory Committee
DTBB                      double thrie beam barrier
DTIM                      Direct Travel Impact Model
DTM                        Digital Terrain Modeling
DTR                         Director’s Tracking Report
(tracks consultant services contracts)
DVAC                      District Value Analysis Coordinator
DVBE                      Disadvantaged Veteran Business Enterprise
DWEL                     Drinking Water Equivalent Level
DWNS                     Drinking Water Needs Survey
DWR                        Dept. of Water Resources
DWS                        Drinking Water Standard         
EA                           Expenditure Authorization;
Endangerment Assessment;
Enforcement Agreement;
Environmental Action;
Environmental Assessment;
Environmental Audit              
EAC                         Estimate at Completion                           
EAP                         Employee Assistance Program;
Environmental Action Plan
EAR                         Employee Action Report
EBL                         Eligible Bridge List
EC                           Environmental Coordinator,                   
End Horizontal Curve,             End Curve
ECPA                       Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ITS)
ECR                         Engineering Cost Reporting system,        
End of Curb Return
ED                           Environmental Document
EDA                        Employee Development Appraisal                                           Environmental Document Approved
EDAPTS                  Efficient Development of Advanced Public Transportation Systems
EDI                          Electronic Data Interchange (ITS)
EDM                        Electronic Distance Measuring
EDP                         Electronic Data Processing;  
Early Deployment Plan (ITS)
EDW                        effluent-dominated water
EEG                         electroencephalogram
EEM                        Environmental Enhancement & Mitigation program (State)                    
EEO                         Equal Employment Opportunity
EEOC                      Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
EEZ                         Exclusive Economic Zone,
200 miles beyond coast, Magnusen-Stevens Act
EF                            Early Finish
EFH                         Essential Fish Habitat
EFT                         Electronic Fund Transfer
EIR                          Environmental Impact Report (CEQA)
EIS                          Environmental Impact Statement (NEPA)
EIT                          Engineer-in-Training
EJ                            Environmental Justice
EKG                        electrocardiogram   
ELI                          Element Level Inspection (bridges)        
EMC                        Event Mean Concentration (Storm Runoff);   Emergency Management Center (ITS)
EMFAQ                  Emissions Factors Model
EMMS                     Emissions Management Subsystem (ITS)
EMS                        Extinguishable Message Signs
Equipment Management Systems
EO                           Equal Opportunity, Executive Order
EOC                         Emergency Operations Center
EOG                        Education And Outreach Group
EOS                         Equivalent Opening Size (Geotextile-Fabric);                           Edge of Shoulder
E&P                        Environmental & Permit
EPA                         Environmental Protection Agency
EPCRA                    Emergency Planning and Community
Right-to-Know Act
EPI                          Economic Policy Institute
EPL                         Excluded Partial List (DBE)
EPM                        Ending Post Mile
EPROM                   Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
ER                           Emergency Relief (Fed)
ERC                         Emergency Resource Center
ERISA                     Employee Retirement Income Security
ERNS                       Emergency Response Notification System
ERPP                       Ecosystem Restoration Program Plan (CALFED)
ES                            Early Start
ESA                         Endangered Species Act;  
Environmentally Sensitive Area
ESAL                       Equivalent Single Axle Load, 80 kN
ESC                         Engineering Services Center
ESMR                      Enhanced Specialized Mobile Radio (ITS)
ESP                          Enhanced Services Program
ESR                         End of Slope Rounding
ESU                         Evolutionary Significant Unit
(fall, winter & spring runs of salmon)
ET                           Earliest Time of Completion                   
ETC                         Estimate to Complete,
Electronic Toll Collection (ITS)
ETBE                       Ethyl Tertiary Butyl Ether
ETS                         Emergency Telephone Services (ITS)
ETTM                      Electronic Toll Collection and Traffic Management
ETW                        Edge of Traveled Way
EV                           Earned Value
EVC                         End Vertical Curve
EWRI                       Environmental & Water Resources Institute (of ASCE)
EXPEAR                  Expert System Pavement Evaluation and Rehabilitation
E-76                        Authorization to Proceed Summary Form           
FAA                         Federal Aviation Administration                             
FACTS                     Flexible Advanced Computer Traffic Signal System
FADS                      Federal Aid Data System: System which DLAEs & HQ enter project information and which links CT to FHWA’s FMIS system. Does not link to LP2000.
FAE                         Federal-Aid Eligibility Code: This single-digit code is a prefix used with the three-digit Agency Object Code to form the Caltrans four-digit Object (FAE 6, 7, or 8) and Activity (FAE 1 or 2) Codes. The FAE denotes whether or not the Object/Activity Code is eligible for federal reimbursement. FAE 1 or 6 denotes eligibility for federal reimbursement, FAE 2 or 7 denotes non-eligibility for reimbursement, and FAE 8 denotes undetermined eligibility.
FAHP                       Federal Aid Highway Program
FAI                          Federal Aid Interstate
FAP                         Federal Aid Primary
FAPG                       Federal Aid Policy Guide
FAQ                         Frequently Asked Questions
FAR                         Federal Acquisition Regulations
FARA                      Federal Acquisition Reform Act
FARES                     First American Real Estate Solutions
FARS                       Fatal Accident Reporting System (ITS)
FAS                         Federal Aid Secondary Funding
FAU                         Federal Aide Urban funding                    
F&C                         Frame & Cover
F&G                        Frame & Grate
FCAA                      Federal Clean Air Act of 1990
FCRTA                      Fresno County Rural Transit Agency
FCWA                      Federal Clean Water Act
FCR                         Flexible Congestion Relief program
(State, discontinued)
FDR                         Full Depth Reclamation (of pavament)
FE                            Fund Estimate; Fugitive Emissions
FEBBS                     Federal Electronic Bulletin Board System
FED                         Final Environmental Document
FEHA                      Fair Employment and Housing Act (Calif.)
FEIN                        Federal Employer Identification Number
FEIR                        Final Environmental Impact Report (CEQA)
FEIS                        Final Environmental Impact Statement (NEPA)
FEMA                      Federal Emergency Management Agency
FERC                       Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
FES                          Flared end section
FESA                       Federal Endangered Species Act
FF                            Free Float / Finish to Finish
FFA                         Future Farmers of America
FFGA                       Full Funding Grant Agreements
FFP                          Firm Fixed Price
FFS                          Fee For Service health plan
FFY                         Federal Fiscal Year (October 1 thru September 30)
FHLMC                   Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac)
FHPM                      Federal Aid Highway Program Manual
FHWA                     Federal Highway Administration;
administers Federal highway funds
FICA                        Federal Insurance Contributions Act
FIF                           Final Inspection Form
FIP                           Federal Implementation Plan
FIPS                         Federal Information Processing Standard (ITS)
FIR                          Federal Indian Reservation
FIRM                       Federal Insurance Rate Maps (Flood Plains)
F/L                           Finance Letter
FLEP                       Forest Land Enhancement Program
(U.S. Forest Service)
FLHD                      Federal Land Highway Division
FLHP                       Federal Lands Highway Program
Floodplain Risk and Location Hydraulic Study:
Analyzes the potential for impacts that a project may have on increasing risk of flooding.
FLSA                       Fair Labor Standards Act
FM                           Function Manager
FMC                        Freeway Management Center (ITS)
FMCS                      Fleet Management and Control Systems
FMCSA                    Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
FMIS                       Federal Management Information System
FMLA                      Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993
FMMP                     Farmland Mapping and Monitoring Program           
FMP                         Fishery Management Plan;       File Maker Pro
FMS                         Fleet Management Subsystem (ITS)
FMU                        Forest Management Unit
FMVSS                    Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
FNMA                     Federal National Mortgage Association
(“Fannie Mae”)
FNM-76                   Form to FMIS, auth. to proceed
FO                           Functionally Obsolete (bridge)
FOE                         Finding of Effect; Friends Of the Earth
FOI                          Freedom of Information
FOIA                       Freedom Of Information Act
FONSI                     Finding of No Significant Impact (NEPA)
FOT                         Field Operational Test (ITS)
FPA                         Fair Practices Act (subletting and subcontracting)
FPIF                         Fixed-Price-Incentive-Fee
FPN                         Federal Project Number (FADS)
FPPA                       Farmland Protection Policy Act (US – 1984)
FPPP                        Facility Pollution Prevention Plans
FPR                          Final Program Review
FR                            Federal Register
FRA                         Federal Railroad Administration
FRIS                        Final Relocation Assistance Statement
FRM                        Federal Reference Method, Final Rule Making
FRO                         Federal Resources Office
FRP                          fiber reinforced polymer, used in concrete
F-SHRP                    Future Strategic Highway Research Program
FSOR                       Final Statement of Reasons
FS                            Finish-to-Start
FSA                          Flexible Spending Account Health Plan 
FSHCC                     Fast Setting Hydraulic Cement Concrete
FSP                          Freeway Service Patrol
FSR                          Feasibility Study Report;         
Financial Study Report
FSTIP                      Federal Statewide Transportation Improvement Program. Prepared by CT per ISTEA, includes all highway and transit projects funded under Title 23 and Federal Transit Act. It is the global funding document incorp. Programming for MPO TIPs, State STIP, SHOPP and local rural Federal aid work.
FTA                         Federal Transit Administration; administers Federal transit funds, alloc. dir to local agencies. Urban Mass Transportation Act of 1964
FTB                         Franchise Tax Board
FTE                         Focused Training Evaluation
                                Full-time Employee
FTIP                        Federal Transportation Improvement Program;
3-year list of transportation projects proposed within the planning area of an MPO. Short range version of RTP.
                                Projects are drawn from the STIP and SHOPP.
FTP                          File Transfer Protocol, Federal Test Procedures
FU                           Functional Unit
FVMSS                    Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
FWD                        Falling Weight Deflectometer
FWPCA                    Federal Water Pollution Control Act
FWS                        Fish & Wildlife Service (US)
FY                           Fiscal Year              
GAAP                      Generally Accepted Accounting Principles              
GAO                        General Accounting Office
GAR                        Governor’s Action Request
GARVEE                 Grant Anticipation Revenue Vehicle bonds
GASB 34                 Governmental Accounting Standards Board statement 34 (calls for state and local transportation agencies to include the costs of infrastructure assets in their financial statements)
GATS                      General Agreement on Trade in Services
GDP                         Gross Domestic Product
GE                           Gravel equivalent
GEP                         Good Engineering Practice
GERT                      Graphical Evaluation and Review Technique
Gf                            Gravel Factor
GFE                         Good Faith Effort
GHSA                      Governors Highway Safety Association
GHSR                      Governor’s Highway Safety Representative
GIS                          Geographic Information Systems
GNMA                     Government National Mortgage Association (“Ginnie Mae”)
GOGO                     Government-Owned/ Government-Operated
GPS                         Global Positioning System
GRAS                      Generally Recognized as Safe                 
GR                           Guard Rail
GRH                        Guaranteed Ride Home
GSA                         General Services Admin.
GUI                         Graphical User Interface
GVW                       Gross Vehicle Weight
GVWR                     Gross Vehicle Weight Rating                   
HA                           Health Advisory                                     
H&T                        Hub and Tack
HABR                      Historic American Building Record
HABS                      Historic American Buildings Survey
HAER                      Historic American Engineering Record
HAP                         Hazardous Air Pollutant
HAPPS                     Hazardous Air Pollution Prioritization System
HAR                        Highway Advisory Radio
HASR                      Historic Architecture Survey Report;  Evaluation of historic structures in the project study area
HAZMAT                                Hazardous Materials
HAZOPS                  Hazardous Operations
HB&M                     Humbolt Base and Meridian                   
HBO                        Health Benefits Office
HBRR                     Highway Bridge Rehab. & Replacement
(Fed program)
HCM                        Highway Capacity Manual
(Transportation Research Bd. )
HCP                         Habitat Conservation Plan
HCS                         Hazard Communication Standard
HDD                        Horizontal Directional Drilling
HDM                       Caltrans Highway Design Manual
HDPE                      High Density Polyethylene
HEDTL                    Harmer E Davis Transportation Library
HEEP                       Health and Environmental Effects Profile
HEPA                      Highly Efficient Particulate Air (Filter)
HERS-ST                 Highway Economic Requirements System-State Version software (for planning and scheduling highway work and determining future highway system needs.)
HES                         Hazard Elimination Safety program (Fed)
HFC                         Hydrofluorocarbon                                 
HHS                         U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
HI                            Height of Instrument (surveying)
HIC                          Highway Interchange Center
HMA                       Hot Mix Asphalt
HMO                       Health Maintenance Organization
HMP                        Hydromodification Management Plan (to control post-development peak stormwater runoff discharge rates and duration)
HMP                       Hazard Mitigation Plan
HMS                        Highway Maintenance System
HMTA                     Hazardous Materials Transportation Act
HMWM                   High Molecular Weight Methacrylate
(deck crack mitigation)
HOV                        High Occupancy Vehicle
(2 and in some cases 3 or more per car.)
HP                           Horse Power
HPC                         High Performance Concrete (also UHPC)
HPMS                      Highway Performance Monitoring System              
HP&R                      Highway Planning and Research
HPMS                     Highway Performance Monitoring Sytstem
HPS                         High Performance Steel
HPSR                       Historic Properties Survey Report;
Summarizes findings of HRER, ASR and HASR
HR                           Human Resource
HRAC                      Hot Recycled AC
HRER                      Historic Resource Evaluation Report; Evaluation of historic significance of certain man made features (canals) in the project study area         
HRI                          Highway Rail Intersection
HRNA                     Human Development Recovery Needs Assessments
HRIS                        Highway Research Information Service,                                  Human Resources Information System
HSDB                      Hazardous Substance Data Base
HSIS                        Highway Safety Information System
HSNS                       Highway System of National Significance
HSP                         Highway Safety Plan
HSPF                       Heating Season Performance Factor
HSOPP                     Highway Systems Operations & Protection Plan
HSR                         High Speed Rail, Historic Survey Report
HSRI                        Highway Safety Research Institute
HTF                         Highway Trust Fund
HTIMS                    Highway Technology Information Management System
HTML                     Hypertext Markup Language
HTTP                       Hypertext Transport Protocol
HUD                        Housing & Urban Development;   
Head Up Display (ITS)
Hydrology and Water Quality Study:  Analyzes the increase in storm water runoff likely to occur and  the potential impacts on water quality a project may have.
HUTA                      Highway User Tax Account
HVAC                      Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning system 
HWMP                     Hazardous Waste Management Plan        
IAST                        Independent Assurance Sampling and Testing
IBRC                        Innovative Bridge Research and Construction program (FHWA – TEA-21)
IBTC                        International Border Trade Corridor
ICAS                        Internet Contract Administration System
ICES                        Inter-modal Corridors of Economic Significance
I/D                           Incentive/Disincentive
IDL                          Interface Definition Language (ITS)
IDP                          Individual Development Plan
IEEE                        The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
IEN                          Information Exchange Network (ITS)     
IFB                          Invitation for Bid
IGR                          Inter Governmental Review
IHSDM                    Interactive Highway Safety Design Model (software)
I/I                            Infiltration and Inflow
IIP                           Inter-regional Improvement Program
ILD                          Inductive Loop Detector
IMMS                      Integrated Maintenance Management System
IMPC                       Integrated Plant Management and Control
IMPROVE               Interagency Monitoring of PROtected Environments
IMS                         Intermodal Facilities and Systems Management System
ILV/hr                     Intersecting Lane Vehicles per hour
IP                             Internet Protocol, Implementation Package             
IPA                          Information Practices Act; places specific requirements on State agencies in the collection, use, maintenance, and dissemination of information relating to individuals.
IPG                          Interagency Planning Group
IRIS                         Integrated Risk Information System
IRP                          Interregional Partnership (STANCOG)
IRR                          Intercity Rail;           Indian Reservation Roads
IRRS                        Interregional Route System
Interregional Road System Plan
IRS                          Internal Revenue Service
IRVM                      Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management
IRWA                      International Right of Way Association
IS                             Information Services,                              Initial Study
ISA                          Initial Site Assessment;
Evaluates potential for encountering hazardous materials in the project study area.
ISC                          Indirect Source Control                           
ISEA                        International Safety Equipment Assoc.
ISO                          International Standards Organization
ISP                           Information Service Provider
ISSC                        Information Systems Service Center
ISTEA                     Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act
IT                            Information Technology
ITA                          Intertribal Transportation Association
ITE                          Institute of Transportation Engineers      
ITS                          Intelligent Transportation System            s             
ITS America            Intelligent Transportation Society of America
ITSP                        Interregional Transportation Strategic Plan
ITI                           Intelligent Transportation Infrastructure
ITII                          International Technical Information Institute
ITIP                         Interregional Transportation Improvement Program; Portion of STIP that includes Caltrans selected projects (25% of fund)
ITMS                       Integrated Traffic Management System;  or
Intermodal Transportation Management System
ITS                          Intelligent Transportation Systems;
Institute of Transportation Studies (UC Berkeley)
ITSP                        Interregional Transportation Strategic Plan
IUOE                       International Union of Operating Engineers
IVHS                       Intelligent Vehicle-Highway Systems (now ITS)
IVI                           Intelligent Vehicle Initiative
IVIS                         In Vehicle Information System (ITS)      
JB                            Junction Box                           
JCL                          Job Control Language
JCP                          Jointed Concrete Pavement
JP                             joint pole
JPA                          Joint Powers Agreement
JPCP                        Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement
JRCP                        Jointed Reinforced Concrete
JS                             junction structure
JUA                         ?                                                             
KBES                       Knowledge Based Expert System
(Symbolic reasoning & Heuristics)
KISS                        Keep It Simple, Stupid (US Navy)
KSA                         Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
LA                           Local Agency                          
LAAPS                    Local Agency Automated Pay System
LACMTA                Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
LACTC                    Los Angeles County Transportation Commission
LAFCO                    Local Agency Formation Commission
LAMBRA                Local Agency Military Base Recovery Area
LAN                        Local Area Network
LAP                         Local Assistance Program
LAPG                      Local Assistance Program Guidelines
LAPM                     Local Assistance Procedures Manual
LARTS                    Los Angeles Regional Transportation Study
LASC                       Landscape Architecture Standards Committee
LCA                         Least Cost Alternate
LCB                         Lean Concrete Base
LCC                         Local Coastal Commission,    
League of California Cities,      Life Cycle Cost
LCCA                      Life Cycle Cost Analysis                        
LCD                         Liquid Crystal Display (Power Point Projector)
LCFS                       Low Carbon Fuel Standard
LCO                         Labor Compliance Officer
                                Local Capital Outlay projects                  
LCP                         Local Coastal Plan
LCS                         Lane Control Sign
LCTOP                   Low Carbon Transit Operations Program
LDAP                      Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
LDPE                       Low Density Polyethylene
LDS                         Labor Distribution System
LEAD                      Local Equivalent Area Drainage method
LED                         Light Emitting Diode
LEDPA                    Least Environmentally Damaging Practicable Alternative
LEL                         Lowest Explosive Level
LEM                        Location Efficient Mortgage (see TOD)  
LEO                         Low-Earth Orbit Satellite System
LEP                         Limited English Proficiency
LESS                       Least Cost Estimating & Scheduling System
LF                            Late Finish;  Linear Foot
LIBOR                     London InterBank Offered Rate
LIM                         Land Inventory and Monitoring system (SCS)
LIP                          Local Intersection Program
LJAC                       Local Jurisdiction Advisory Committee
LLP                         Limited Liability Partnership
LOC                         Local
LOE                         Level of Effort
LOL                         Layout Line
LOP                         Letter of Permission
LOS                         Level of Service (A=freeflow, F=gridlock)
LPA                         Local Programs Accounting
LPAMS                    Local Programs Accounting Management System: provides appropriation management and tracks expenditures for local assistance projects. Extracts data from CTIPS allowing LP2000 to process allocations.
LPG                         Liquid Petroleum Gas
LPP                          Local Programs Procedures    
LPP#                        Local Programs Procedure #
LRDC                      Labor Relations Decision Council
LRFD                       Load & Resistant Factor Design
LRH                         Last Resort Housing
LRMS                      Location Reference Messaging Standard (ITS)
LROP                       Long Range Operations Plan                   
LRT                         Light Rail Transit
LS                            Lump sum, Late Start, Land Surveyor
LSSRP                     Local Seismic Safety Retrofit Program
LSTP                       Local Surface Transportation Plan
LSUM                      Linear Synchronous Unipolar Motor
LT                           Limited Term
L&T                        Lead and Tack (surveying)
LTA                         Local Transportation Authority
LTAP                       Local Technical Assistance Program
LTC                         Local Transportation Commission
LTEC                       Least Total Expected Cost to the public design
LTF                         Local Transportation Fund; receives TDA revenues =  0.25% sales tax for transit, bike & pedestrian
LTMA                     Lightweight Truck Mounted Attenuator
LTPP                       Long-Term Pavement Performance         
LTS                         Lime Treated sub-Base
LUICE                     Land use Inventory Contingency and Edit
LUST                       Leaking Underground Storage Tank
LVDT                      Linear Variable Differential Transformers
LVR                         Low Volume Road                                  
MA                          Master Agreement;  Minimum Allocation funds: Minor Arterial
MACT                     Maximum Achievable Control Technology
MADT                    Monthly average daily Trips 
MAGLEV                Magnetic Levitation Transportation Technology Deployment Programs
MAIT                      Multidisciplinary Accident Investigation Team
MAN                       Metropolitan Area Network (ITS)
MAP                        Million Annual Passengers,
Multiple Alternative Planning
MAR                        Material Adjustment Report
MATES                   Materials and Technology Engineering and Science
MB                          Metal Beam, Megabytes
MBB                        Metal Beam Barrier
MBE                        Minority Business Enterprise
MBGR                     Median Barrier Guard Rail                      
MBO                        Management by Objectives                     
MC                          Medium curing
MCAG                     Merced County Assoc. of Governments
MCD                        Minor Civil Division
MCE                        Maximum Credible Earthquake
MCEDC                   Merced City Economic Development Corp.
MCFC                      Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell
MCL                        Maximum Contaminant Level
MCLG                     maximum contaminant level goal (water qual)
MCM                       Minimum Control Measures (water qual)
MCP                        Municipal Compliance Plan
MCSAP                    Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program
MDB&M                 Mt. Diablo Base and Meridian (surveying)
MDI                         Model Deployment Initiative (ITS)
MEA                        Master Environmental Assessment
MEP                        Minority Engineering Programs,
Maximum Extent Practicable (water qual)
MERS                      Maintenance Employees’ Reporting System
MESO                      Maintenance Employee Safety Orientation
META                     Maintenance Equipment Training Academy
METS                      Materials Engineering and Testing Services
MG                          Minimum Guarantee funds
MID                         Modesto Irrigation District
MIME                      Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension
Minor Project- Less than $750,000, not STIP or SHOPP. In California, minor capital outlay consists of construction projects or equipment acquired to complete a construction project estimated to cost less than $750,000. The California Transportation Commission allocates a fiscal year level for this category with specific project allocation approval delegated to the Department. Minor is further segregated into two categories: Minor A – Minor construction projects with an estimated contract value between $117K – $750K. Minor B – Minor construction projects with an estimated value less than $117,000.
MIS                         Management Information Systems,                                          Major Investment Study
MITMT                   Major Incident Traffic Management Team
MJC                         Major Collector (Rural); Modesto Junior College
MLRA                     Major Land Resources Area
MMANC                  Municipal Management Association of Northern California
MMI                        Man-Machine Interface (ITS)
MMSI                      Maintenance Management System Improvement
MNC                        Minor Collector (Rural)
MOA                       Memorandum of Agreement                   
MODEM                  Modulator/Demodulator
(Convert binary to analog signal for phone)
MOE                        Measure of Effectiveness
MOS                        Metal-Oxide Semiconductor,  
margin of safety
MOST                      Methodology for Optimizing Signal Timing
MOU                       Memorandum of understanding
MPGR                      Metal Plate Guard Railing
MPO                       Metropolitan Planning Organization
MPU                        Microprocessing Unit
MSA                        Merit Salary Adjustment, Metropolitan Statistical Area, Management System Activities, a two digit code for levels 5,6 or 7 in WBS, also on TRS
MSAHP                Medical Savings Account Health Plan 
MSA                        Maintenance Superintendents Association 
MS-DOS                  MicroSoft-Disk Operating System          
MSDS                      Manufacturers Safety Data Sheet
MSE                        Mechanically Stabilized Earth Retaining
MS4                         Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System
MSL                        Maintenance Service Level,     Mean Sea Level
MSW                       Municipal Solid Waste
MT                          Mass Transit
MTA                        Mass Transit Account
MTC                        Metropolitan Transportation Commission
(Bay Area)
MTD                        Memo-To-Designers
MTDB                     Metropolitan Transit Development Board (San Diego)
MTMC                     Military Traffic Management Command
MTP                        Mass Transportation Program,
Metropolitan Transportation Plan
MUTCD                  Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices
MVMA                    Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association
MWBE                     Minority Women-owned Business Enterprise
NA                           National Architecture (ITS)                     
NAA                        Non-attainment Area
NAAQS                   National Ambient Air Quality Standards
NACE                      National Association of Corrosion Engineers,
National Association of County Engineers
NACG                      National Association of County Governments
NAC                        National Association of Counties
NACTO                   The National Association of City Transportation Officials
NAD                        North American Datum (surveying)
NAE                        no adverse effect,   
National Academy of Engineering
NAER                      National Architectural and Engineering Record
NAFTA                    North American Free Trade Agreement   
NAGPRA                 Native American Graves Protection & Repatriation Act of 1990
NAHC                      Native American Heritage Commission
NAHSC                    National Automated Highway System Consortium
NAICS                     North American Industrial Classification System 
NALEO                   National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials
NAMS                     National Air Monitoring Stations                            
NAP                         Non-attainment Area Plan 
NAPA                      National Academy for Public Assistance, National Asphalt Paving Association, National Automobile Parts Association
NAPCA                    National Air Pollution Control Administration
NAR                        National Architecture Review (ITS)
NARD                      Numerical Analysis of Roadside Design
NARSTO                 North American Research Strategy for Tropospheric Ozone
NAS                         National Academy of Sciences
NASA                      National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASR                      Negative Archeological Survey Report
NASS                       National Accident Sampling System
NATTTC                 National Association of Transportation Technology Transfer Centers
NAV                        Navigation
NAWCA                  North American Wetlands Conservation Act
NB                           Northbound
NBI                          National Bridge Inventory, bridge data  supplied by states for the NBIS  (see also BMS)      
NBIS                        National Bridge Inspection Standards, are minimum requirements for inspection standards
National Bridge Inventory System
NBS                         National Bureau of Standards
NBSSR                     Noise Barrier Scope Study (or Summary) Report for sound wall projects
NCAC                      National Crash Analysis Center
NCAPA                    Northern California Asphalt Producers Assoc.
NCAT                      National Center for Asphalt Technology
NCCER                    National Council for Civil Engineering Research
NCEER                    National Center for Earthquake Engineering Research
NCHRP                    National Cooperative Highway Research Program
NCPP                       National Center for Pavement Preservation
NCSL                       National Conference of State Legislatures
ND                           Negative Declaration, None Detected (water qual)
NDAA                     Natural Disaster Assistance Act
NDI                         Non-Industrial Disability Insurance        
NDSP                       National Dam Safety Program
NDT                        Non-Destructive Testing
NE                           no effect
NEAR                      National Emergency Aid Radio
NEDS                      National Emissions Data System
NEEP                       National Experimental and Evaluation Program
NEHRP                    National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program
NEIS                        National Environmental Information Service
NEMA                     National Electrical Manufacturers Association
NEPA                      National Environmental Policy Act (1969)- all Fed. funded projects require Fed. review
NES/BA                   Natural Environmental Survey / Biological Assessment; Evaluation of native species and habitat found in project study area.
NESHAP                  National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants
NET                         National Emissions Trends Inventory
NFIP                        National Flood Insurance Program
NFPA                       National Fire Prevention Association
NGS                         National Geodetic Survey
NGVD                     National Geodetic Vertical Datum
NHI                         National Highway Institute                      
NHPA                      National Historic Preservation Act,
Federal, 1966, esp. section 106. See also State Public Resources Code Sections 5024 and 5024.5
NHPN                      National Highway Planning Network
NHS                         National Highway System
NHSB                      National Highway Safety Bureau
NHTSA                    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
NIA                         National ITS Architecture
NICET                     National Institute for Certification in
Engineering Technologies
NIH                         National Institutes of Health
NII                           National Information Infrastructure (ITS)
NIMBY                    Not In My Back Yard                             
NIOSH                     National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
NIPC                        National Infrastructure Protection Center (FBI)
NIST                        National Institute of Standards and Technology
NLAA                      Not Likely to Adversely Effect
NLT COB                No Later Than Close Of Business
NMCSP                    National Motor Carrier Safety Program   
NMFS                      National Marine Fisheries Service
NMSL                      National Maximum Speed Limit
NO                           Nitric Oxide
NOA                        Naturally Occurring Asbestos;   Notice of Arrival
NOAA                     National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOAEL                   no-observed-adverse-effect level
NOEL                      No Observable Effect Level
NOC                        Notice of Construction
NOCC                      Notice of Construction Completion
NOD                        Notice of Determination
(CEQA – project approval)
NOI                         Notice of Intent
(NEPA process, notice placed in Federal Register
advising public that EIS will be prepared for a project)
NOL                        Naval Ordinance Laboratory
NOP                         Notice of Preparation
(CEQA – notice that EIS will be prepared)
NOPR                      Notice Of Proposed Rulemaking
NOS                         National Oceanic Survey                         
n.o.s.                       not otherwise specified
NOT                        Notice of Termination
N2O                         Nitrous Oxide
NOx                        Nitrogen Oxides
NORM                     Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material
NPDES                    National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
(revised, thanks to Mary MacGillivray,  District 7 Office of Project Studies)
NPHQ                      National Partnership for Highway Quality
NPRM                      Notice of Proposed Rule Making
NPS                         National Park Service              
                Non-point Source
NRC                         National Research Council
NRCS                       Natural Resources Conservation Service,
formerly SCS
NRCP                       Non Reinforced Concrete Pipe                
NRDC                      Natural Resources Defense Council
NRHP                      National Register of Historic Places
NRI                          National Resources Inventory
NRVMA                  National Roadside Vegetative Management Association
NS                           Non-Regulatory Supplement
NSF                         National Science Foundation
NSIS                        National Safety Information Systems
NSPE                       National Society of Professional Engineers
NTCIP                     National Transportation Communications
for ITS Protocol
NTI                          National Transit Institute        
National Toxics Inventory      
NTIS                        National Technical Information Service
NTN                        National Truck Network
NTP                         Notice To Proceed,
National Transportation Policy,
National Toxicology Program
NTPAW                   National Transportation Public Affairs Workshop
NTR                         New Technology and Research
NTSB                       National Transportation Safety Board
NTU                        Nephelelometric Turbidity Units
NURP                      Nationwide Urban Runoff Program
NWI                         National Wetland Inventory
NWP                        Nation Wide Permit (Section 404)           
OA                           Obligation Authority (Federal, $/year)    
OAQPS                    Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards, U.S. EPA
OBM                        Office of Business Management
OBS                         Organization Breakdown Structure
OBRA90                  Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1990
OC                           Over-crossing
OCP                         Office of Community Planning
OCTA                      Orange County Transportation Authority
O&D survey            Origin and Destination
O&M                       Operation and Maintenance
OE                           Office Engineer,    Operating Expense
OEA                        Office of External Audits,       
Office of Energy Assessments,
Office of Environmental Analysis
OECA                      Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance (U.S. EPA)
OEM                        Original Equipment Manufacturer           
OES                         Office of Emergency Services
OFCCP                     Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs
OGAC                      Open Graded Asphalt Concrete
OGAC(R)                                 Open Graded Asphalt Concrete (Rubberized)
OH                           Overhead
OHP                         Office of Historic Preservation (Cal.)
OHWM                    Ordinary High Water Mark
OIG                         Office of the Inspector General
OIP                          Order of Immediate Possession
OJT/SS                     On the Job Training/Supportive Services
OLP                         Office of Local Programs, @ HQ;
admin of Fed. Aid & Local Assist. Now DOLA
OJT                          On-the-job training
OMB                        Office of Management and Budget
OPA                         Other Principal Arterial
OPEC                       Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
OPO                         Office of Personnel Operations
OPPD                       Office of Project Planning and Design     
OPPTS                     Office of Prevention, Pesticides,
and Toxic Substances (U.S. EPA)
OPR                         Office of Planning and Research (governor’s)
ORC                         Organizational Review Committee
ORCP                       Oval Reinforced Concrete Pipe
OREA                      Office of Real Estate Appraisers
OSC                         Office of Structure Construction
OSHA                      Occupational Safety and Health Administration  (U.S.)
OSI                          Open Systems Interconnection (ITS)
OSM&I                    Office of Structures and Maintenance Inspection
O3                            Ozone
OST                         Office of the Secretary of Transportation;  
Out of State Travel
OT                           Overtime
OTI                          Office of Traffic Improvement
OTP                         Operational Test Plan (ITS)
OTS                         Office of Traffic Safety
OWM                       Office of Wastewater Management (EPA)
OWP                        Overall Work Plan or Program                
P2                            Pollution Prevention                               
P3                            Primavera Project Planner (software)
P4                            Pollution Prevention Permitting Project
P&P                         Policy and Procedure Directive
P&R                         Park-and-Ride
PABS                       Programming and Budgeting System
PAC                         Policy Advisory Committee
PACT                       Program Accountability in Caltrans
PADP                       Ports Access Demonstration Project
PA&ED                   Project Approval & Environmental Document
PAI                          Principal Arterial – Interstate
PAMS                      Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Stations
PA/SI                       Preliminary Assessment / Site Investigation
PAP                         Perforated aluminum pipe
PAQSD                    Primary Air Quality Standards                                
PAR                         Personnel Action Request,      
Project Authorization Request,                
Project Approval Report         
PARF                       Position Action Request Form
PASSER II               Progression Analysis and Signal System Evaluation Routine
PATH                      Partners for Advanced Transportation
and Highways
PAYT                      Pay As You Throw
PB                            Paint binder;            Pull Box
Pb                            Lead
PBA                         Performance Based Asphalt
PBDEs                     polybrominated diphenyl ethers (see BFRs)           
PBMS                      Performance Based Measurements Systems
PBO                         Programmatic Biological Opinion
PBX                         Private Branch Exchange
PC                            Program Coordinator;              Prime Coat;                              Party Chief;              Personal Computer
PCA                         Portland Cement Association
PCBs                        Polychlorinated Biphenyls
PCC                         Point of compound curvature;
Portland Cement Concrete
PCCP                       Portland Cement Concrete Pavement,                                       Pre-stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe
PCE                         Programmatic Categorical Exclusion (NEPA),
PCEPH                     Passenger Car Equivalents Per Hour
PCI                          Paint Condition Index;                                                             Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute
PCi/L                       Pico Curies per Liter (water qual., radioactivity)
PCP                          Primary Care Physician
PCS                          Personal Communications System
PCSD                       President’s Council on Sustainable Development
PCR                         Project Change Request
PCS                          Project Control Survey;
Permit Compliance System
PCVC                       Point of compound vertical curve
PD                           Project Development
PDA                         Personal Digital Assistant                       
PDF                         Portable Document Format –
Adobe Acrobat stuff
PDH                         Professional Development Hour
PDM                        Probabilistic Dilution Model ; 
Precedence Diagramming Method
PDO                         Property Damage Only
PDPM                      Project Development Procedures Manual
PDRC                       Pavement Design and Rehabilitation Committee
PDS                         Project Development Support
PDT                         Project Development Team
PE                            Preliminary Engineering,          Polyethylene,                           Professional Engineer,             Project Engineer
PEAR                       Preliminary Environmental Assessment Report
PECG                       Professional Engineers in California Government
PEDP                       Professional Engineer Development Program
PEER                       Permit Engineering Evaluation Report
PeMS                       Performance Measurement System
PERMIS                  Personnel Employee Records for the Management Information System 
Permit 106               Review process for the National Historic Preservation Act
Permit 1601             A streambed alteration agreement for U.S. Department of Fish & Game
Permit 4(f)               Use of parkland Permit
404 Permit               issued by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Permit 7                   Pertains to the Endangered Species Act
PERS                       Public Employee Retirement System 
PERT                       Project Evaluation and Review Technique
PES                          Preliminary Environmental Study
PET                         Project Estimating Tool
PF                            Planned Finish Date, Pay Factor
PFCs                        Perfluorinated Carbons
PFT                          Permanent Full Time
PG&E                      Pacific Gas and Electric
PHG                         Public Health Goal (water qual) set by CEPA
PHS                         U.S. Public Health Service
PI                             Permanent Intermittent
PIA                          Project ITS Architecture                          
PIAS                        Personal Information Access Subsystem (ITS)
PKm                        Post Kilometer
PLH                         Public Land Highway (Fed program)
PI                             Permanent Intermittent
(Civil Service Appointment),
preliminary investigation,       
Point of Intersection
PIB                          Personnel Information Bulletin
PIC                          Private Industry Council
PID                          Project Initiation Document
PIER                        Post-Implementation Evaluation Report
PIMS                       Personnel Information Management System
PIN                          Personal Identification Number,
Priority Index Number
(for barrier rail replacement projects)
PIO                          Public Information Officer
PIP                           Payroll Input Process, Project Initiation Proposal
PISA                        Project Information System & Analysis,
or Administration                                   
PK                           Parker-Kalan Nail
P/L                           Property line
PL                            Project Level Assessment
PLA                         Project Labor Agreement
PLP                          Personal Leave Program
PLUM                      Projected Land Use Model
PM                           Project Manager;   Post Mile; 
Preventive Maintenance;   Particulate Matter
PMBOK                   Project Management Body of Knowledge
PMCS                      Project Management Control System
PMDW                     Project Management Data Warehouse
PMI                         Project Management Institute
PMP                         Perforated Metal Pipe;  
Project Management Professional
PMPM                     Project Management Procedures Manual
PMR                        Position Management Report
PMS                         Pavement Management System;    
Parking Management System (ITS)
PMSU                      Project Management Support Unit
PM-10                     Particulate Matter 10 microns or smaller
PN                           Paving Notch
PO                           Purchase Order
POC                         Pedestrian Over-Crossing;      
Point on (horizontal) curve
POE                         Port of Entry
POGO                      Privately-Owned/ Government-Operated
PONTIS                   AASHTO supported bridge management program                                                                                                                                                   Polycyclic Organic Matter
POP                         Post Office Protocol
POP                         Purpose of Project
POS                         Point Of Service health plan
POT                         Point on tangent
POVC                      Point on vertical curve
P&P                         Policy & Procedure
ppb                          Parts Per Billion
PPC                          Plastic Pipe Culvert
PPDG                       Project Planning and Design Guide
PPE                          personal protective equipment
PPIC                        Public Policy Institute of California
PPM                         Planning, Programming & Monitoring,
Policy and Procedures Memorandum     
ppm                         Parts Per Million
PPNO                       Planning and Programming Number
PPO                         Preferred Provider Organization
PPT                          Permanent-Part Time (Employee)
ppt                           part per trillion
PQS                         Professionally Qualified Staff
PR                            Project Report
P&R                            Park and Ride
PRC                         Point of Reversing Curve
Prop 116                 State bicycle program
PRF                          Pavement Reinforcing Fabric
PRISM                     Performance and Registration Information System Management (not PRSM)
PR2/2A                    Fed/State supplemental agreement and modification to agreement (being phased out)
PRS                          Performance Related Specifications
PRSM                      Project Resources and Schedule Management
(not PRISM)
PRVC                       point of reverse vertical curve
PS                            Planned Start Date
PSA                         Program Supplemental Agreement;      
Precursor System Architecture (ITS)
PSCS                        Project Schedule and Control System
PSDP                       Planning Staff Development Program
PSI                           Preliminary Site Investigation;
pounds per square inch
                                Pollutant Standards Index
psig                          Pressure Per Square Inch Gauge
PSM                         Point Source Monitoring
PSP                          Pedestrian Safety Program;     
perforated steel pipe
PSR                          Project Study Report for STIP projects, preprogramming information.
PSS                          Personnel Services Specialist
PSSR                        Project Scoping Summary Report
for SHOPP projects
PSTIP                      Proposed State Transportation Improvement Program
PSTN                       Public Switched Telephone Network
PTA                         Public Transportation Account;
the major State account for mass transportation
PTMS                      Public Transportation Management System
PTMISEA                   Public Transportation Modernization,                     Improvement, and Service Enhancement Account
P2P TCD                  Peer-to-Peer program on Traffic Control Devices (FHWA)
PTS                          Positive Train Separation (ITS)
PUC                         Public Utilities Commission
PVC                         Polyvinyl Chloride
PVEA                      Petroleum Violation Escrow Account
PY                           Person – Year (1758-1800 hours)
PYE                         Person Year Equivalent
PYPSCAN                Person Year Project Scheduling & Cost Analysis
QAP                         Quality Assurance Program,                                                    Qualification Appraisal Panel  
QA/QC                     Quality Assurance/ Quality Control
QBS                         Qualification Based Selection
QCIP                        Quality and Continuous Improvement Program
QCRP                       Quality Control Review Process
QIP                          Quality Improvement Plan
QoS                         Quality of Service                                   
RA                           Reasonable Alternative;   Regulatory Alternatives; Regulatory Analysis;   Remedial Action;
Resource Allocation;    Risk Analysis;
Risk Assessment
RABA                      Revenue Aligned Budget Authority, annual funding adjustment highway program to firewall level reflecting receipt estimates.                
RAC                         Rubberized Asphalt Concrete
                                Research Advisory Committee
RACM                     Reasonable Available Control Measures
(air qual.)
RAD                        Rapid Application Development,
Radiation Adsorbed Dose
RAM                        Responsibility Assignment Matrix
RAN                        Revenue Anticipation Note
RAO                        Regional Administrative Officer
RAP                         Relocation Assistance Program or Payments;                           Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement
RAPID                     Rural Agency Project Implementation District
RATP                      Regional Active Transportation Plan
RAQS                      Regional Air Quality Strategy
RAS                         Regional Arterial System         
RAW                        Revenue Anticipation Warrant (“bridge” loan)
RBS                         Resource Breakdown Structure
RCA                         Recycled Concrete Aggregate
RCM                        Reliability Centered Maintenance
RCP                         Reinforced Concrete Pipe
RCR                         Route Concept Report, part of planning process which provides a service concept
RCRA                      Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
R&D                        Remove & Dispose
RDO                        Regular Day Off
RDP                         Route Development Plan, part of planning process which provides alternatives
RDNA                      Recombinant DNA
RDS                         Radio Data Systems (ITS)
R&S                         Remove & Salvage
RE                           Resident Engineer
REMOVE                Reduced Motor Vehicle Emissions Program
REVISIT                  RBS Evaluation, Verification, Integration & Support Improvement Team
RFA                         Request for Authorization
RFB                         Request for Bid
RFG                         Reformulated Gasoline
RFP                         Request for Proposal
RFQ                         Request for Qualifications                                                       Request for Quotation
RFS                          Richmond Field Station (UCB)
RIA                          Regulatory Impact Analysis;    
Regional ITS Architecture
RICO                       Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act
RIFA                        Red Imported Fire Ant
RIP                          Regional Improvement Plan
RLF                         Red Legged Frog                                     
RM                          risk management
RMP                        Regional Mobility Plan
RNA                        Ribonucleic Acid
ROD                        Record of Decision
ROE                         Report of Expenditures
ROG                        Reactive Organic Gases
RRC                         Rural Residential Center                          
RRR                         Resurfacing (overlay), Restoration (to original condition), Rehabilitation (upgrade guardrail, widen shoulders, etc.)
R/S                           Resource / Schedule
RSP                          Roadway Safety Program (ATSSA)
RSPA                       Research and Special Programs Admin.
RSTP                       Regional Surface Transportation Program
RTIF                        Regional Transportation Impact Fee
RTIP                        Regional Transportation Improvement Program, 75% of STIP funds. List of projects submitted to CTC by RTPAs for seven year horizon, updated every two years.
RTL                         Ready To List
RTP                         Regional Transportation Plan,
Federally required 20-year plan by MPO’s, updated every 3-years
RTPA                       Regional Transportation Planning Agency,
State designated agency responsible for prep. of RTP & RTIP
RTS                         Remote Traveler Support Subsystem (ITS)
RSTP                       Regional Surface Transportation Program
RWQCB                   Regional Water Quality Control Board    
SAAMP                   Special Area Aquatic Management Plan  
SAB                         Seismic Advisory Board
SACOG                    Sacramento Area Council of Governments
SADBU                    Small And Disadvantaged Business Utilization
SAE                         Society of Automotive Engineers
SAFEs                     Service Authorities for Freeway Emergencies
SAFETEA                Safe, Accountable, Flexible and Efficient Transportation Equity Act of 2003
SAIN                       Substance Abuse Information Network
SAM                        State Administrative Manual
SAME                      Society of American Military Engineers
SAMI                       Stress-Absorbing Membrane Interlayer  
SANBAG                 San Bernardino Associated Governments               
SANDAG                 San Diego Association of Governments
SAP                         Sampling and Analysis Plan
SAPA                       State Asphalt Paving Associations
SAVE                      Society of American Value Engineers     
SB                            Senate Bill
SBB&M                   San Bernardino Base and Meridian (surveying)
SB45                        1997; State increased authority of RTPA’s, etc. Est. current STIP process; timely use
SBS                          Sick Building Syndrome
SC                            Slow Curing;            Start Construction
SCADA                  Supervisory Control and Data Acquisitions 
SCAG                      Southern California Association of Governments
SCANDI                  Surveillance Control and Driver Information System
SCBT                       segmental concrete bridge technology
SCC                         self-consolidating concrete (use of plasticizers)
SCE                         Southern California Edison
SCEDCO                  Stanislaus County Economic Development Corporation
SCFM                      Standard Cubic Feet Per Minute
SCH                         State Clearing House
SCO                         State Controllers Office
SCOH                      Standing Committee on Highways
SCR                         State Controller’s Report      
SCS                          Soil Conservation Service (now NRCS)
SCSP                        Storm and Combined Sewer Program
SD                           Structurally Deficient (bridge),                
Standard Deviation
SDC                         Seismic Design Criteria
SDO                         Standards Development Organization
SDP                         Strategic Deployment Plan
SDWA                     Safe Drinking Water Act
SEA                         Systems Engineering Analysis
SEAC                       Sulfur Extended Asphalt Concrete
SEC                         U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
SEP                          Special Emphasis Program
Special Experimental Project; (ex.: FHWA allowed states to evaluate the design-build method on an experimental basis through SEP-14.  
Section 4(f)             USDOT Act of 1966, Protects publicly owned parks, recreational areas, wildlife and water fowl refuges and land from historic sites
Section 7                 Of Endangered Species Act of 1973
Section 9                  Prohibited Acts
Section 10                                Habitat Conservation Plans
Section 106              National Historic Preservation Act of 1966. Protection of cultural resources and historic properties.
Section 130              Railroad / Highway At-Grade Crossings
Safety Program
Section 404              of the 1977 Federal Clean Water Act
SER                         Standard Environmental Reference
SF                            Scheduled Finish Date / Start-to-Finish;
Standard Form;        Superfund
SFOBB                     San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge         
SFP                          Single Focal Point
S&H Code               Streets & Highways Code – laws governing funding & development of projects
SHA                        State Highway Account; Major account for highways (gas tax & weight fees)
                                State Highway Agency
SHBSB                     State Historic Building Safety Board
SHELL                    Subsystem of Highways for the Movement of Extralegal Permit Loads
SHOPP                   State Highway Operation and Protection Program, four & ten-year capital improvement program for rehabilitation, safety, and operational improvements on state highways.
                                Cannot increase roadway capacity. SB 1435-Kopp
SHRP                       State Highway Research Program
SHS                         State Highway System
SHPO                       State Historic Preservation Officer
SHRC                       State Historical Resources Commission
SHWL                      Seasonal High Water Level
SI                             International System of Units
(The Modernized Metric System)
SI&A                       Structure Inventory and Appraisal
SIB                          State Infrastructure Bank
SIC                          Standard Industrial Classification,
Standard Industry Code
SIG                          Special Interest Group
SIGOP                     Signal Optimization
SIMS                       Sign Inventory Management System
SIP                           State Implementation Plan; air qual. Required by Fed, CAA of 1970. In order to be eligible for Fed $ projects must demonstrate conformity to SIP.
SISA                        Special In-grade Salary Adjustment
SJCOG                     San Joaquin Council of Government       
SJHTC                     San Joaquin Hills Transportation Corridor
SJVAPCD                San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District
SLA                         Structures Local Assistance,                                                    Simbionese Liberation Army
(different people, same acronym)
SLAE                       Structure Local Assistance Engineer
SLAMS                    State and Local Air Monitoring Stations
SLIMS                     ?
SLC                         State Land Commission                          
SLD                         Sea Level Datum
SLIP                        Serial Line Internet Protocol
SLPDP                     State and Local Project Development Program
SLTC                       Soluble Threshold Limit Concentration (Cal)
SLTPP                     State Local Transportation Partnership Program State, discontinued)
SMARA                   Surface Mining and Reclamation Act (Calif.)
SMART                   Structure Maintenance Automatic Report Transmittal system
Goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time limited.
SMBB                      single metal beam barrier
SMR                        Specialized Mobile Radio
SMS                         Highway Safety Management System
SMSA                      Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area
SMTP                      Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SNAFU                    Situation Normal All Fouled Up (polite form)
SNAP                       Sonic Nap Alert Pattern
(Penn. Turnpike type rumble strip)
SNC                         Significant Noncompliance
SNMP                      Simple Network Management Protocol (ITS)
SO                           Sulfur Dioxide
SOAP                       Signal Operations Analysis Package
SOC                         Synthetic Organic Chemicals
SOF                         State Only Funding
SOFC                       solid oxide fuel cell, see APU
SONET                    Synchronous Optical Network (ITS)
SOQ                         Statement of Qualifications
SOV                         Single Occupancy Vehicle
SOW                        Statement of Work
SO2                          Sulfur Dioxide                                        
SOx                         Sulfur Oxides
SPB                          State Personnel Board
SPE                          Start Preliminary Engineering
SPI                           Schedule Performance Index
SP&R                       State Planning & Research
SR2S                     Safe Routes to Schools  program
(Fed) (est. by AB 1475, ext. by SB 10)
SPB                          State Personnel Board
SPMIT                     Statewide Project Management Improvement Team
SPRR                       Southern Pacific Railroad
SQL                         Standard Query Language
SR                            Sufficiency Rating (bridge) or State Route
SRF                          State Revolving (Loan) Fund  (Clean Water Act)
SROA                      State Restriction of Appointments           
SRP                          Secondary Road Plans                                            
SRT                         Slotted Rail Terminal
SRTP                       Short Range Transit Plans
SS                            Scheduled Start Date / Start-to-Start
SSE                          Separate State Estimate
SSA                         Sole Source Aquifer
SSB                          Scope, Schedule, and Budget
ssambn                    such sums as may be necessary
SSN                         Social Security Number
SSES                        Sewer System Evaluation Survey
SSO                         Sanitary Sewer Overflow
SSPP                        Structural Steel Plate Pipe
SSPs                        Standard Special Provisions
SSR                          Standard Speed Rail
SSTAC                     Social Service Transportation Advisory Council
STA                         State Transit Assistance;                                                          State funding for mass transit oper. & cap. Imp.,
                                By law, STA must receive 50% of PTA revenues
STA                         State Transportation Agency
STAA                      Surface Transportation Assistance Act of 1982
STANCOG               Stanislaus Council of Governments        
STAPPA                  State And Territorial Air Pollution Program Administrators
STBB                       Single Thrie Beam Barrier
STC                         State Training Center
STD                         Sate Transportation Department
STE                         State Transportation Enhancement
STEL                       short-term exposure limit
STIP                        State Transportation Improvement Program,
4-year list of projects approved by CTC and is a list of major projects.
ITIP (25%) & RTIP (75%)
STA                            State Transit Assistance (fund)
STC                         State Training Center
STMF                      Simple Transportation Management Framework (ITS)
STMP                      Simple Transportation Management Protocol (ITS)
STO                         Smart Testing Operations
STP                          Surface Transportation Program (Fed)
(Formerly FAU or FAS)
                                Study;  Standard Temperature and Pressure
STPP                        Surface Transportation Policy Project
STPL                       Surface Transportation Program (Local)
STRAHNET             STRAtegic Highways NETwork
STRUDL                  Structural Design Language (computer program)
STURAA                 Surface Transportation and Uniform Relocation Assistance Act (1987)
SU                           Source Unit
SUDP                       Specific Urban Development Plan
SULEV                    super ultra low emission vehicles
Superpave                                Superior PERforming asphalt PAVEments
SUSMP                    Standard Urban Stormwater Mitigation Plan
SV                           Schedule Variance
SW                           Sidewalk  Storm Water
SWAG                     Stuff We All Get
Scientific Wild Ass Guess
(not CT. We don’t guess, we know)
SWDR                      Storm Water Data Report
SWITRS                   Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System
SWLF                      Solid Waste Landfill
SWMP                     Storm Water Management Plan
SWMU                     Solid Waste Management Unit
SWPPP                     Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan
SWQAG                   Storm Water Quality Assessment Guide 
SWRCB                    State Water Resources Control Board
SWTF                      Storm Water Task Force
SYSOP                     Systems Operator                   
T2                            Technology Transfer
TA                           Technical Advisory
TAC                        Technical Advisory Committee
TAC/ALC                Technical Advisory Committee for Agricultural Land Conservation
TAG                        Technical Advisory Group
TAM                        Transportation Asset Management
(FHWA, resource allocation strategies)
TAS                         Toll Administration Subsystem
TAR                         Tribal Authority Rule
TASAS                    Traffic Accident Surveillance and Analysis System
TAT                         Tire Anchor Timber Wall
TAU                        Temporary Authorization Appointment
TB                           Top of Bank                           
TBB                         Thrie beam barrier
TBC                         Top Back of Curb
TC                           Top of Curb
TCA                         Transportation Corridor Agency
TCAG                         Tulare County Association of Governments
TCAT                          Tulare County Area Transit
TCB                         Traffic Control Box
TCCC                       Transportation Curriculum Coordination Council
(FHWA led pooled fund study for training management and development under NHI)
TCDD                      Dioxin (Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin)
TCDH                      Traffic Control Devices Handbook
TCE                         Trichloroethylene
TCI                          Transit Capital Improvement program
TCIP                        Transit Communications Interface Profiles (ITS)
TCLP                       Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (Fed)
TCM                        Transportation Control Measure
 – to reduce pollution emissions.
TCP                         Traffic Control Plan
TCP/IP                     Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TCR                         Transportation Concept Report;
Transportation Corridor Report
TCRA                      Traffic Congestion Relief Act (AB2928)
TCRF                       Traffic Congestion Relief Fund
TCRP                      Transportation Congestion Relief Program,                                         Transit Cooperative Research Program
TCS                         Transportation Control Strategy,             
Traffic Controller Synchronizer,
Traffic Control Systems,                          Transportation Corridor Study
Toll Collection Subsystem
T&D                        Training and Development
TDA                        Transportation Development Act; State law, 1971, 0.25% sales tax for transit & bike
TDD                        Telecommunications Device for the Deaf
TDIP                        Technology Deployment Initiatives and Partnerships                                             
TDM                        Transportation Demand Management;   
Travel Demand Management
TDMA                     Time Division Multiple Access (ITS)
TDP                         Transportation Development Plan
(Formerly RDP),     
Tons Per Day (air qual.)
TDT                         Transportation Data Template
TDS                         Total Dissolved Solids
TE                           Transportation Engineer
T&E                        Threatened and Endangered (species)
TEA                         Transportation Enhancement Act
or Activities program (Fed)
TEAM                     Together Everybody Achieves  More (not CT)
TEC                         Travel Expense Claim; Total Escalated Cost
TEA-21                   Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (Fed); 1998-2004
TeNS                       Technical Noise Supplement (
TERO                      Tribal Employment Rights Office or Ordinances
TF                            Total Float / Target Finish Date
TFHRC                    Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center (McLean, VA)
TFMTAC                Transportation Forecasting Model Technical Advisory Committee 
THC                         Total Hydrocarbons
THM                        Trihalomethanes
TI                            Traffic Index, = 9.0(ESAL/1,000,000)^0.119; Temporary Intermittent
TIC                          Technical Information Center
TID                          Turlock Irrigation District                       
TIE                          Toxicity Identification Evaluation
TIES                        Total Integrated Engineering System
TIF                          Transportation Investment Fund;
                Truck Inspection Facility
TIFIA                      Transportation Infrastructure Finance
& Innovation Act
TIGER                     Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding Referencing System
TIP                          Transportation Improvement Program
TIS                          Travelers Information System
TIME                          Tulare Intermodal Express (Tulare Transit)
TISE                        Take It Somewhere Else
TISP                        The Infrastructure Security Partnership
(Congress of Infrastructure Security for the Built Environment)
T&L                        Time and Labor
TL                           Transportation Laboratory
TLI                          Terrain Line Interpolation
TLV                         Threshold Limit Value
TMA                        Transportation Management Assoc. or Area           
TMC                        Transportation Management Center;                                        Traffic Management Center
TMCC                      Truck-Mounted Crash Cushion
TMDD                     Traffic Management Data Dictionary (ITS)
TMDL                     Total Maximum Daily Load; ….Limit
TMIP                       Travel Model Improvement Program
TMP                        Transportation Management Plan
TMS                        Traffic Management (or Monitoring or Maintenance) System or Subsystem, see TSM
TNT                         Trinitrotoluene
TOC                         Traffic Operations Center;      
Total Organic Carbon/ Compound, Section 4(f)
TOD                        Transit Oriented Development
TOMIS                    Traffic Operations Management Information Service
TON                        Threshold of Odor Number (water qual)
TOPICS                   Traffic Operations Program to Improve
Capacity & Safety
TOPSS                     Transportation Operations and Project Support System (New time system)
TOS                         Traffic Operations System
TOT/MVM              Total Accidents Per Million Vehicle Miles
TP                            Turning Point (surveying)
TPB                         Treated Permeable Base                          
TPC                         Technical Planning Committee
TP&D                      Transportation Planning & Development account
TPL                         Truck Passing Lane
TPM                        Transportation Planning Manual
TQM                        Total Quality Management
TRAMS                   Transportation Accounting & Management System: developed to meet the Department’s reporting needs and to respond effectively to the requirements placed on the Department as a result of the implementation of the California Fiscal Information System.
TRAQ                      Transportation Air Quality Center
TRARR                    Traffic on Rural Roads
TRB                         Transportation Research Board
(formerly Highway Research Board)
TRIP                        The Road Information Program
TRIS                        Transportation Research Information System (UCB), see C-TRIS
TRIS                        Transportation Research Information System;  Toxic Release Inventory System
TRMC                      Transit Management Center                    
TRMS                      Transit Management Subsystem
TRRL                       Transportation Road Research Laboratory
TRS                         Time Reporting System (history)
TRSP                       Traffic-Responsive Plan (Generation)
TRT                         Technical Review Team          
Transportation Research Thesaurus
TRVS                       Transit Vehicle Subsystem (ITS)
TSC                         Transportation Systems Center
TSCA                       Toxic Substances Control Act
TSDP                       Transportation System Development Plan
TSDF                       Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities
TSIP                        Transportation Systems Information Program
TSM                        Transportation System Management program (State, discontinued) See TMS
TSN                         Transportation System Network
TSO                         Time-share operation
TSP                          Total Suspended Particulates,
Traffic Synchronization Projects
TSS                          Total Suspended Solids
TSSDRA                   Transit System Safety, Security and Disaster  Response Account
TSSS                        Total Station Survey System
TTHM                     Total Trihalomethane
TTLC                       Total Threshold Limit Concentration
TTIA                       Technology Transfer Improvements Act of 1995
TTN                         Technology Transfer Network
TTP                         Technology Transfer Program (UCB)
TTY                         Teletype
TUF date                  Timely Utilization of Funding?
TVA                        Tennessee Valley Authority
TVOC                      Total Volatile Organic Compounds
TWLTL                   Two Way Left Turn Lane       
UA                           Urbanized Area                                       
UAA                        Use Attainability Analysis (water qual)
UAM                       Urban Air-shed Model
UAQI                       Uniform Air Quality Index
UART                      Universal Asynchronous Transmitter Receivers (Computer Chip)
UC                           Under-crossing
UCITS                     University of California Institute of Transportation Studies
UCP                         Unified Certification Program (DBE)
UCS                         Unconfined Compressive Strength
UFAS                       Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards
UG                           Underground
UGB                        Urban Growth Boundaries
UHPC                      Ultra High Performance Concrete
UIT                          ultrasonic impact treatment, for welds
UITP                        International Union of Public Transport
ULEV                      Ultra Low Emission Vehicles
UMRA                     Un-funded Mandates Reform Act
UMTA                     Urban Mass Transit Agency, ……Administration
UNESCO                 United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
UNPARs                  Unprogram Project Approval Requests
UP                           Underpass
URISA                     Urban and Regional Information Systems Assoc.
URL                         Universal Resource Locator;                                                    Universal Reader Language
UROAD                   Urban Mass Transportation Agency
USA                         United States of America;                                                        Underground Service Alert
USC                         United States Code; Unified Soil Classification
USC&GS                 United States Coast and Geodetic Survey                
USCE                       United States Corps of Engineers (ARMY)             
USCG                      United States Coast Guard
USDA                      U.S. Department of Agriculture
USFS                       U.S. Forest Service
USFWS                    United States Fish & Wildlife Service
USGS                       United States Geological Survey
USM                        Urban Simulation Model                         
USPLS                     United States Public Land Surveys
USPS                       US Postal Service
USR                         User Service Requirement
UST                         Underground Storage Tank
USTIP                      Updated State Transportation Improvement Program
USTR                       Unites States Trade Representative
UTC                         Ultimate Transportation Corridor
UTCS                       Urban Traffic Control System
UTPS                       Urban Transportation Planning System
UUA                        use attainability analysis,
(EPA, water body recreational use.)
UV                           Ultraviolet
UZA                        Urbanized Area                                       
VA                           Veterans Administration          Value Analysis
VC                           Vertical Curve
V/C                          Volume /Capacity ratio
VCM                        Vertical Control Monumentation
VDT                        Video Display Terminal
VE                           Value Engineering
VECP                       Value Engineering Change Proposal
VELB                      Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beetle
(lives in stems > one inch)
VEP                         Value Engineering Proposal
VFC                         Vehicle Fuel Consumption      
VGA                        Virtual Graphics Array
VHT                        Vehicle-Hours of Travel
VISTA                     Video Information System Training Assoc., Inc.
VKT                        Vehicle Kilometers Traveled
VMS                        Variable Message Sign
VMT                        Vehicle Miles Traveled,
common measurement for driving demand
VOC                        Volatile Organic Compounds;
Volume and Occupancy Control (Constant)
VOS                         Vehicle Operating Survey
VRC                         Vehicle/Roadside Communications (ITS)
WADS                     Wide Area Detection Systems
WAN                       Wide Area Network
WASHTO                Western Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials
WBE                        Woman-owned Business Enterprise
WBS                        Work Breakdown Structure
WC                          Worker’s Compensation
WCC                        Work Category Code
WCT                           Woodlake City Transit
WDT                        Weight-Distance Tax
WEN                        Workload Estimating Norm
WES                        Waterways Experiment Station
WET                        Wetland Evaluation Technique
WGRA                     Western Governmental Research Association
WHO                       World Health Organization / United Nations
WIB                         Workforce Investment Board
WPA                        watershed protection approach
WPCM                     Water Pollution Control Manager
WPCP                      Water Pollution Control Program
WQBEL                   water quality-based effluent limit
WQC                        Water Quality Criteria
WQI                         Watershed Quality Index                        
WQS                        water quality standard                             
WS                           White Stripe
WSP                         Welded Steel Pipe
WSRA                      Wild and Scenic Rivers Act
WSPRO                    Water Surface Profile
WSTP                      Wastewater Sewage Treatment Plant
WWBE                     White Women-owned Business Enterprise
WWTP                     Wastewater Treatment Plant
WWW                      World-Wide Web
WYSIWYG              What you see is what you get
WZS                        Work Zone Safety
WZTC                      Work Zone Traffic Control     
XPM                        Expert Project Management                    
YARTS                    Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System
YATI                       Yosemite Area Traveler Information
YS                           Yellow Stripe
Y2K                         The Year 2000 Computer Problem
ZBB                         Zero Based Budgeting              : process requiring justification of every dollar (and person-year) of an organization’s/program’s proposed budget for the budget year. The assumed program level for the budget year is zero, thus intensive justification and critical review of all components is required before approval            
ZEV                         Zero Emissions Vehicle
ZRL                         Zero Risk Level
AADT Annual Average Daily Traffic
AASHTO American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
AB (California) Assembly Bill
AB 32 The Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
ADT Average Daily Traffic
ALUC Airport Land Use Commission
APS Alternative Planning Strategy
ATP Active Transportation Program
ARB Air Resources Board
ARRA American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
BACM Best Alternative Control Measure
BNSF Burlington Northern Santa Fe (Railroad)
BRT Bus Rapid Transit
BTA Bicycle Transportation Account
CAA United States Clean Air Act of 1970
CALCOG California Association of Councils of Governments
CALTRANS California Department of Transportation
CALUP California Airport Land Use Plan
CDF California Department of Forestry
DFG California Department of Fish & Game
CEQA California Environmental Quality Act of 1970
CHP California Highway Patrol
CHSRA California High Speed Rail Authority
CIP Capital Improvement Program
CMA Congestion Management Agency
CMAQ Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality
CMP Congestion Management Program
CMS Congestion Management System
CNDDB California Natural Diversity Database
CNG Compressed Natural Gas
CO Carbon Monoxide
COG Council of Governments
COLT City Operated Local Transit (Porterville)
CTC California Transportation Commission
DART Dinuba Area Regional Transit
DOF Department Of Finance
DOT Department Of Transportation (Federal)
8 – 2
EIR Environmental Impact Report
EIS Environmental Impact Statement
EMFAC “Emissions Factor” – California’s Air Pollution Model
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FCAA Federal Clean Air Act
FHWA Federal Highway Administration
FTA Federal Transit Administration
FTIP Federal Transportation Improvement Program
FY Fiscal Year
GIS Geographic Information Systems
GPS Global Positioning System
HCD California Housing and Community Development Department
HCM Highway Capacity Manual
HCP Habitat Conservation Plan
HOV High-Occupancy Vehicle
HPMS Highway Performance Monitoring System
IIP Interregional Improvement Program
IRR Indian Reservation Roads
IRRS Interregional Road System
ISR Indirect Source Review
ISTEA Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act
ITIP Interregional Transportation Improvement Program
ITS Intelligent Transportation Systems
JPA Joint Powers Agreement (or Authority)
LNG Liquefied Natural Gas
LOS Level of Service
LRT Light-Rail Transit
LTF Local Transportation Fund
MAP-21 Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MPO Metropolitan Planning Organization
NARC National Association of Regional Councils
NEPA National Environmental Policy Act of 1969
NHS National Highway System
NOx Nitrogen Oxides
NOA Notice of Availability
8 – 3
NOP Notice of Preparation
O3 Ozone
OWP Overall Work Program
PAC Policy Advisory Committee
PA&ED Project Approval & Environmental Document
PM2.5 Particulate Matter <2.5 microns in size
PM10 Particulate Matter <10 microns in size
PMS Pavement Management System
PSR Project Study Report
RACM Reasonable Alternative Control Measure
R&D Funds Research and Development Funds
RHNA Regional Housing Needs Assessment
RIP Regional Improvement Program
ROG Reactive Organic Gases
ROW Right-Of-Way
RSTP Regional Surface Transportation Program
RTAC Regional Targets Advisory Committee
RTIP Regional Transportation Improvement Program
RTP Regional Transportation Plan
RTPA Regional Transportation Planning Agency
SAFETEA-LU Safe, Accountable, Flexible, and Efficient Transportation Equity Act – A Legacy
for Users
SB Senate Bill (California)
SCS Sustainable Communities Strategy
SHOPP State Highway Operation & Protection Plan
SIP State Implementation Plan
SJVAB San Joaquin Valley Air Basin
SJVMIP San Joaquin Valley Model Improvement Program
SOx Sulfur Oxides
SOV Single-Occupancy Vehicle
SRTP Short-Range Transit Plan
SSTAC Social Services Transportation Advisory Council
STA State Transit Assistance
STIP State Transportation Improvement Program
SJVAPCD San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District
TAC Technical Advisory Committee
TAZ Transportation Analysis Zone
TCAG Tulare County Association of Governments
TCAT Tulare County Area Transit
TCM Transportation Control Measure
8 – 4
TCRP Traffic Congestion Relief Program
TDA Transportation Development Act
TDM Transportation Demand Management
TDP Transit Development Plan
TE Transportation Enhancement
TIME Tulare Intermodal Express
TIP Transportation Improvement Program
TMA Transportation Management Agency
TPA Transportation Planning Agency
TPP Transit Priority Project
TSM Transportation Systems Management
UP Union Pacific (Railroad)
VMT Vehicle Miles Traveled
VOC Volatile Organic Compounds
WE Work Element
8 – 5
Active Transportation Program (ATP)
The Active Transportation Program was created by Senate Bill 99 (Chapter 359, Statutes of
2013) and Assembly Bill 101 (Chapter 354, Statutes of 2013) to encourage increased use of
active modes of transportation, such as biking and walking.
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Federal legislation defining the responsibilities of and requirements for transportation providers
to make transportation accessible to individuals with disabilities.
Advance Construction
Smoothing out project programming levels by using State resources to fund projects in advance
of receiving Federal participating funds through the annual Obligation Authority (OA).
Advance Construction (Retirement of/Conversion of)
Allowance for (reduction in) current-year Federal Obligation Authority (OA) reimbursement for
which State resources were expended in advance.
Aeronautics Account
Funds the Aeronautics Program which promotes the use of existing airports by assuring adequate
air service for small and medium-sized communities, overseeing a statewide system of safe and
environmentally compatible airports that are integrated with other surface transportation systems
and evaluation of statewide aviation needs. Principle sources of funds: a seventeen-cent-pergallon
excise tax on aviation gasoline and a two-cent-per-gallon excise tax on jet fuel. Supports
the: “Fair Share” transfer to the State Highway Account equal to a pro-rata portion of planning
costs; state operations, or the cost of administering the Aeronautics Program; reports and studies
required by Public Utilities Code 21632; grants to Local Agencies with qualifying airports;
Acquisition and Development (A&D) for aeronautics facilities.
The distribution of funds to a specific project or group of projects, or statutory distribution based
on formula.
Allocation Capacity
The level at which state/federal capital project costs can be programmed using cash resources
available (determined through the fund estimate process).
Alternative Fuels
The Energy Policy Act of 1992 defines alternative fuels as methanol, denatured ethanol, and
other alcohol; mixtures containing 85 percent or more (but not less than 70 percent as
8 – 6
determined by the Secretary of Energy by rule to provide for requirements relating to cold start,
safety, or vehicle functions) by volume of methanol, denatured ethanol, and other alcohols with
gasoline or other fuels. Includes compressed natural gas, liquid petroleum gas, hydrogen, coalderived
liquid fuels, fuels other than alcohols derived from biological materials, electricity, or
any other fuel the Secretary of Energy determines by rule is substantially not petroleum and
would yield substantial energy security and environmental benefits.
American Recovery and reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), commonly referred to as the
Stimulus or The Recovery Act, was an economic stimulus package enacted by the 111th United
States Congress in February 2009 and signed into law on February 17, 2009,
by President Barack Obama.
Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA) of 1991 established the annual
apportionment levels for each Federal funding category: Surface Transportation Program (STP);
Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality (CMAQ); Bridge Replacement (BR). Funding can remain
available for use up to 4 years.
Area Sources
Small stationary and non-transportation sources of air pollution that are too small or numerous to
count as point sources for individual control, such as dry cleaners.
Article XIX
An Article of the State Constitution. Designates how State taxes on motor fuel and motor
vehicles may be used for streets, highways and fixed guideway transit projects. The Article
excludes funding for maintenance and operating costs for mass transit power systems and mass
transit passenger facilities, vehicles, equipment, and services.
Attainment Demonstrations
A State Implementation Plan (SIP) revision which describes how an area will meet air quality
standards before its attainment date.
Average Annual Daily Trips (AADT)
The total volume of traffic on a highway segment for one year divided by the number of days in
the year.
Build/No-Build Test
A conformity test which demonstrates that the total emissions from the projects in a
transportation plan or program (the “build” scenario) will be lower than emissions that would
result if the projects were not build (the “no-build” scenario).
8 – 7
Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)
Bus rapid transit (BRT, BRTS) is a bus-based mass transit system. A true BRT system generally
has specialized design, services and infrastructure to improve system quality and remove the
typical causes of delay. Sometimes described as a “surface subway”, BRT aims to combine the
capacity and speed of light rail or metro with the flexibility, lower cost and simplicity of a bus
Carbon Monoxide (CO)
A colorless, odorless gas that largely results from incomplete combustion of fuel. CO is one of
three pollutants linked to motor vehicle emissions that are regulated by the Clean Air Act.
California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)
1970 act which requires that state agencies regulate activities with major consideration for
environmental protection.
Capital Outlay
Cost of construction of transportation facilities and acquisition of right of way. Excludes
engineering and right of way support costs.
Clean Air Act of 1970
The Clean Air Act is a United States federal law designed to control air pollution on a national
level. It requires the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to develop and
enforce regulations to protect the public from airborne contaminants known to be hazardous to
human health
Clean Air Act Amendments
The original Clean Air Act was passed in 1963, but the national air pollution control program is
actually based on the 1970 version of the law. The 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments are the
most far-reaching revisions of the 1970 law. The 1990 Clean Air Act is the most recent version
of the 1970 version of the law. The 1990 amendments made major changes in the Clean Air Act.
Code of Federal Regulations
A compilation of the general and permanent rules of the executive departments and agencies of
the Federal Government as published in the Federal Register. The code is divided into 50 titles
that represent broad areas subject to Federal regulation. (DOE5).
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
Natural gas compressed to a volume and density that is practical as a portable fuel supply. It is
used as a fuel for natural gas-powered vehicles.
8 – 8
Conformity Finding
An MPO verification that the emissions produced by a plan or program are consistent with the
goals of a SIP. Conformity is generally determined by either an emissions budget test or a
“build/no-build” test, and a demonstration that TCMs will be implemented in a timely fashion.
Congestion Management Process (CMP)
Systematic process for managing congestion. Provides information on transportation system
performance and finds alternative ways to alleviate congestion and enhance the mobility of
people and goods, to levels that meet state and local needs.
Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality (CMAQ)
A new funding program established by ISTEA specifically for projects and programs that will
contribute to the attainment of a national ambient air quality standard. The funds are available to
non-attainment areas to reduce ozone and carbon monoxide based on population and pollution
severity. Eligible projects will be defined by the approved State Implementation Program (SIP).
State statutes make Regional agencies responsible for administering the CMAQ funds.
California Transportation Commission (CTC)
The body established by AB 402 to advise and assist the Secretary of the Business,
Transportation and Housing Agency and the Legislature in formulating and evaluating State
policies and plans for transportation Programs.
Dedicated Funds
Any funds generated specifically for transit purposes and which are dedicated at their source
(e.g., sales taxes, gasoline taxes, and property taxes), rather than through an allocation from the
pool of general funds. (FTA1)
Demand Response
A non-fixed route, non-fixed schedule vehicle that operates in response to calls from passengers
or their agents to the transit operator or dispatcher.
Disadvantaged Communities
Areas with either a median household income of 80% or less than the state median household
income or that fall within the top 20% of disadvantages communities as identified by
Emissions Budget Conformity Period
The conformity period following the transitional period in which the emissions budget test is the
sole test for conformity. The period begins when a 15 Percent SIP Revision is approved by EPA.
8 – 9
Emissions Budget Test
A conformity test in which MPOs demonstrate that the emissions from projects in a
transportation plan or program will not exceed a SIP’s emissions budget.
Emissions Factor (EMFAC)
EMFAC is California’s model for estimating emissions from on-road vehicles operating in
California. EMFAC is used as a starting point for developing plans to meet air quality standards,
and for assessing the impact of motor vehicle emissions regulations on emissions and air quality.
Emissions Inventories
A complete list of the sources and amounts of pollutant emissions within a specific area and time
Environmental Impact Report
A study of all the factors which a land development or construction project would have on the
environment in the area, including population, traffic, schools, fire protection, endangered
species, archeological artifacts, and community beauty. Many states require such reports be
submitted to local governments before the development or project can be approved, unless the
governmental body finds there is no possible impact, which finding is called a “negative
Environmental Impact Statement
Report developed as part of the National Environmental Policy Act requirements, which details
any adverse economic, social, and environmental effects of a proposed transportation project for
which Federal funding is being sought. Adverse effects could include air, water, or noise
pollution; destruction or disruption of natural resources; adverse employment effects; injurious
displacement of people or businesses; or disruption of desirable community or regional growth.
Environmental Justice
Environmental justice assures that services and benefits allow for meaningful participation and
are fairly distributed to avoid discrimination.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
The federal regulatory agency responsible for administering and enforcing federal environmental
laws, including the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act, and others.
Escalation Factors
Factors provided by the Department of Finance to reflect the increase or decrease of future
capital and non-capital transportation costs used for STIP and SHOPP programming. Also
called “inflation factors.”
Executive Order
An order from the Governor’s Office. May also be a Presidential order.
8 – 10
Federal-Aid Highway Program
Transportation financing programs created by Federal legislation. ISTEA identified 64 Highway
Trust Fund programs, some of which have “set-asides” for specific purposes.
Federal Highway Administration-Planning (FHWA- PL)
Source of funds used by Tulare County Association of Governments to fund regional planning
Federal Implementation Plan (FIP)
A plan developed by EPA 24 months after a SIP is found deficient. A FIP provides strategies for
attainment, but does not eliminate the state’s responsibility to develop an approvable SIP.
Federal Minimum Allocation
Minimum amount of Highway Trust Fund money returned to states. This is 85 percent of the
state’s share of total amount paid into the fund by all states.
Federal Transportation Improvement Program (FTIP)
The Federal Transportation Improvement Program (FTIP) is a capital listing of all transportation
projects proposed over a four-year period for the Tulare County region. The FTIP is prepared to
implement projects and programs listed in the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and is
developed in compliance with state and federal requirements.
Fine Particulate Matter (PM 2.5)
Particulate matter less than 2.5 microns in size (PM-2.5). A micron is one millionth of a meter.
Fiscal Constraint
Making sure that a given program or project can reasonably expect to receive funding within the
time allotted for its implementation.
Fiscal Year (FY)
For California, the FY is the accounting period beginning July 1 and ending June 30. The
federal FY begins October 1 and ends September 30.
Fixed Route
A term applied to transit service that is regularly scheduled and operates over a set route; usually
refers to bus service.
Formula Capitol Grants
Federal transit funds for transit operators; allocation of funds overseen by FTA.
8 – 11
Fund Estimate
The fund estimate is a four-year estimate of State and Federal funds, for transportation purposes,
that are expected to be available for State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)
programming. The California Transportation Commission uses the fund estimates as the basis
for programming projects into the STIP. The fund estimate is produce based on trends and
existing law. The creation of the fund estimate requires many significant assumptions. Should
any of the key assumptions require revision at a later date, the programming levels displayed in
the fund estimate will also need to be revised.
Geographic Information System (GIS)
A computerized data management system designed to capture, store, retrieve, analyze, and
display geographically referenced information. 2) A system of hardware, software, and data for
collecting, storing, analyzing, and disseminating information about areas of the Earth. For
Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) purposes, Geographical Information System
(GIS) is defined as a highway network (spatial data which graphically represents the geometry of
the highways, an electronic map) and its geographically referenced component attributes (HPMS
section data, bridge data, and other data including socioeconomic data) that are integrated
through GIS technology to perform analyses. From this, GIS can display attributes and analyze
results electronically in map form.
Greenhouse Gas (GHG)
A greenhouse gas is a gas in an atmosphere that absorbs and emits radiation within the thermal
infrared range. This process is the fundamental cause of the greenhouse effect. The primary
greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere are water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous
oxide, and ozone.
A permanent facility, or structure, that dictates the route and course of a vehicle with or without
operator guidance.
Highway System
Network of streets which carry automotive vehicles on local, arterial, ramps, and freeway-type
Highway Trust Fund
Federal user-fees on gasoline, etc., go into this fund. Used to reimburse states for Federal-aid
8 – 12
A poorly ventilated area, such as a tunnel or intersection, where mobile source emissions
(usually carbon monoxide or PM-10) are particularly high.
High Occupancy Toll Lanes
A road pricing scheme that gives motorists in single-occupant vehicles access to high-occupancy
vehicle lanes, or HOV lanes.
High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes
A high-occupancy vehicle lane, also known as an HOV lane, is a restricted traffic lane reserved
at peak travel times or longer for exclusive use of vehicles with a driver and one or more
passengers, including carpools, vanpools and transit buses.
A precursor of ozone in addition to nitrogen oxides (NOX). Hydrocarbons are also known as
volatile organic compounds (VOC) or reactive organic gases (ROGs). Until recently, most
efforts to reduce ozone have focused on controlling hydrocarbons.
The ability to connect, and the connections between, modes of transportation.
Intermodal Facilities and Systems Management System
The Intermodal Transportation Management System (ITMS) is a decision support system that
allows transportation planners to evaluate the relative performance of intermodal transportation
investment alternatives for a corridor of statewide significance and system perspective.
Intermodal facility refers to a transportation element that accommodates and interconnects
different modes of transportation. Intermodal facilities include, but are not limited to, highway
elements, coastal, inland and Great Lakes ports, canals, pipeline farms, airports, marine and/or
rail terminals, truck terminals, and intercity bus terminals. Intermodal transportation facilities
serve intrastate, interstate, and international movement of goods and passengers. Intermodal
system refers to a transportation network for moving people and goods using various
combinations of transportation modes.
Interregional Road System Plan (IRRS)
A series of interregional California highway routes, outside the urbanized areas, that provides
access to, and links between, the State’s economic centers, major recreational areas, and urban
and rural regions.
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
The application of advanced technologies to improve the efficiency and safety of transportation
8 – 13
Light Rail
A streetcar-type vehicle operated on city streets, semi-exclusive rights-of-way, or exclusive
rights-of-way. Service may be provided by step-entry vehicles or by level boarding.
Level of Service (LOS)
1) A qualitative assessment of a road’s operating conditions. For local government
comprehensive planning purposes, level of service means an indicator of the extent or degree of
service provided by, or proposed to be provided by, a facility based on and related to the
operational characteristics of the facility. Level of service indicates the capacity per unit of
demand for each public facility. 2) This term refers to a standard measurement used by
transportation officials which reflects the relative ease of traffic flow on a scale of A to F, with
free-flow being rated LOS-A and congested conditions rated as LOS-F.
Long Range Transit Plan (LRTP)
A document resulting from regional or statewide collaboration and consensus on a region or
state’s transportation system, and serving as the defining vision for the region’s or state’s
transportation systems and services. In metropolitan areas, the plan indicates all of the
transportation improvements scheduled for funding over the next 20 years.
Matching Funds
The share of funds provided by the State or local applicant to supplement the Federal share of
funds to finance a Federal project. Match does not imply a 50/50 share.
Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)
An organization designated by the Governor as a forum for cooperative decision making by
principal elected officials of a general-purpose local government. Federal provisions require an
MPO in urbanized areas.
Mobile Sources
Motorized vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses and other modes of transportation.
Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21)
MAP-21, the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (P.L. 112-141), was signed
into law by President Obama on July 6, 2012. Funding surface transportation programs at over
$105 billion for fiscal years (FY) 2013 and 2014, MAP-21 is the first long-term highway
authorization enacted since 2005.
The availability of transportation options using different modes within a system or corridor.
8 – 14
National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS)
Federal standards that set allowable concentrations and exposure limits for various pollutants.
National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA)
Established a national environmental policy requiring that any project using federal funding or
requiring federal approval, including transportation projects, examine the effects of proposed and
alternative choices on the environment before a federal decision is made.
Nitrogen Oxides (NOX)
A precursor of ozone in addition to hydrocarbons. Recent EPA policy has begun to emphasize
control of NOX.
Notice of Availability
A Notice of Availability (NOA) is a formal notice, published in the Federal Register, that
announces the issuance and public availability of a draft or final EIS.
Notice of Preparation
A Notice of Preparation is a document stating that an EIR will be prepared for a particular
project. It is the first step in the EIR process.
A commitment by the Federal government to reimburse the States the Federal share of FederalAid
projects. Obligation occurs when FHWA has approved the PS&E for a project prior to
advertisement of the construction contract.
Obligation Authority (OA)
Obligation Authority is the ceiling Congress places on all commitments of apportionments for
any given year. Individual States receive OA in proportion to their apportionments and
allocations. From a fund estimate point of view, OA is the prime determinant of usable Federal
funds. OA is only available for the current year. Typically, Congress provides the OA limits at
less than ISTEA’s total annual apportionment level.
A compensation for the expansion or construction of a polluting stationary source. Before such
expansion/construction begins, an offset permit is required to show that emissions will be
reduced at another facility to offset new emissions increases. Under sanctions, the offset
requirement would be increased to two-to-one.
Ozone (O3)
8 – 15
The major component of smog. Ozone is formed when hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides (NOX)
combined in the presence of sunlight. Ground level ozone is a harmful pollutant, while
stratospheric ozone protects life on earth from harmful ultraviolet rays. CO is one of three
pollutants linked to motor vehicle emissions that are regulated by the Clean Air Act.
1) Comparable transportation service required by the American Disabilities Act (ADA) for
individuals with disabilities who are unable to use fixed route transportation systems. (49CFR37)
(APTA1) 2) A variety of smaller, often flexibly scheduled-and-routed transportation services
using low-capacity vehicles, such as vans, to operate within normal urban transit corridors or
rural areas. These services usually serve the needs of persons that standard mass-transit services
would serve with difficulty, or not at all. Often, the patrons include the elderly and persons with
Particulate Matter (PM)
Solid or liquid particles that measure less than 10 (or 2.5) microns. A micron is one millionth of
a meter. PM10 is one of three pollutants linked to motor vehicle emissions that are regulated by
the Clean Air Act.
Plans, Specifications and Estimates (PS&E)
Final project documents and cost estimates prepared for construction contracts.
The essential ingredients that form a secondary pollutant, e.g., nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons
are precursors in the formation of ozone.
Process of selecting and scheduling high-priority capital outlay projects for development and
Project Approval & Environment Document (PA& ED)
The beginning phase of a project which includes feasibility studies and environmental studies,
concluding with the selection and approval of a project alternative and final environmental
Project Study Report
Project Study Reports are engineering reports whose purpose is to document agreement on the
scope, schedule, and estimated cost of a project so that the project can be considered for
inclusion in a future programming document such as the STIP.
8 – 16
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Reactive Organic Gases (ROG)
Volatile organic compounds, excluding methane, found in the atmosphere which is capable of
producing radicals upon reaction with common atmospheric oxides and radicals; these
compounds are often responsible for positive feedback cycles involving the production of ozone.
Right of Way (ROW)
Purchase of property for transportation purposes.
Regional Transportation Improvement Program (RTIP)
A list of proposed transportation projects submitted to the CTC by the regional transportation
planning agencies candidates for STIP funding. The individual projects are first proposed by
local jurisdictions, then evaluated and prioritized by the regional agency for submission to the
CTC. The RTIP has a four-year planning horizon, and is updated every two years.
Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)
State-mandated documents to be developed biennially by all RTPAs, describing existing and
projected transportation conditions, needs, alternatives and their consequences. The RTP also
serves as the Metropolitan Planning Organizations’ long-range plan.
EPA sanctions that will be imposed when a SIP revision is found deficient or not submitted.
Sanctions can include two-to-one offsets for stationary sources, or a cutoff of highway funding.
Single Occupant Vehicle (SOV)
A vehicle with just one occupant. The reduction of SOVs is a major goal of many transportation.
SPR Funds
Highway Planning and Research Funds are the 1-1/2 percent moneys allocated to states by
Section 307(c) of Title 23 U.S.C. Caltrans and Local Agencies share to the use of these funds.
State Highway Account (SHA)
The SHA is the largest of the fund estimate accounts. Principle sources of funds: Excise taxes
on motor vehicle fuels, truck weight fees and the Federal Highway Trust Fund. Supports the
Departments: Local Assistance, Maintenance, Operation, Program Development and Project
Support programs as well as administrative support.
8 – 17
State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP)
Projects programmed in the Department’s State Highway Operation and Protection Program
(SHOPP). A program created by State legislation that includes State highway safety and
rehabilitation projects, Seismic Retrofit projects, land and building projects, landscaping, some
operational improvements, bridge replacement and the minor program — generally those types of
projects that Caltrans as the owner-operator of the system uses to maintain the integrity of the
system. Unlike STIP projects, SHOPP projects may not increase roadway capacity. SHOPP is a
four-year program of projects, adopted separately from the STIP cycle. The 1989 State gas tax
increase partially funds the program, but it is primarily funded through the “old 9 cents-pergallon
State gas tax and from Federal funds. (Note: The name of this program changed to
SHOPP [State Highway Operation and Protection Program] in 1994 per SB 1435-Kopp.)
State Implementation Plan (SIP)
A plan containing the strategies to achieve attainment of NAAQS, and maintain air quality levels
once attainment is achieved.
State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)
The STIP includes the following programs: After considering the RTIPs, rural RTPA comments
and input from public hearings, the CTC adopts the STIP which provides the delivery schedule
of projects for the upcoming four years.
State Transit Assistance (STA)
TP&D account funds allocated by RTPAs to transit operators, cities and counties for transit
planning, capital and operations.
Stationary Sources
Relatively large, fixed sources of emissions, such as factories or power stations.
Financial assistance to local governments (i.e., local assistance, guideway funds).
TDA (Transportation Development Act)
An act which specifies how the 1/4 percent of local sales tax for transportation purposes is
distributed. It created the TP&D account. TDA is codified in Sections 29530-29536 of the
Government Code and Sections 99200-99408 of the Public Utilities Code.
Traffic Analysis Zone (TAZ)
The smallest geographically designated area for analysis of transportation activity. A zone can be
from one to ten square miles in area. Average zone size depends on the total size of study area.
Transitional Conformity Period
Conformity period when ozone non-attainment MPOs must perform both the emissions budget
test and the build/no-build test for hydrocarbons. The transitional period begins on the date
8 – 18
when the 15 Percent Reasonable Further Progress SIP revision was due and ends when that SIP
revision is approved.
Transportation Control Measures (TCM)
A measure that alters personal travel patterns or traffic flow to reduce emissions. As an umbrella
label. TCM includes transportation systems management (TSM) and transportation demand
management (TDM).
Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21)
The Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century was enacted June 9, 1998 as Public Law
105-178. TEA-21 authorized the Federal surface transportation programs for highways, highway
safety, and transit for the 6-year period 1998-2003.
Transportation System Management (TSM)
A process oriented approach to solving transportation problems considering both long- and
short-range implication, which is service and operations oriented in which low capital, control
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Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT)
The sum of distances traveled by all motor vehicles in a specified region.
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
Another name for hydrocarbons, a precursor of ozone.
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