Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)

The Regional Transportation Plan is a long range plan that every Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is required to complete. The plan is meant to provide a long-range, fiscally constrained guide for the future of Tulare County’s transportation system. The long range plan extends to the year 2042 in its scope. The plan accomplishes its goals by forecasting future growth, identifying regional priorities, and planning for infra-structure improvements. This plan is required to include four elements; those elements include: the policy element, the sustainable community element, the action element and the financial element. These elements have been mandated by law, but do not keep MPOs from including more elements to their plan de-pending on local characteristics. Tulare County’s 2018 RTP/SCS also includes chapters on goods movement and valley wide characteristics in addition to the required plan elements. The RTP/SCS is not the only plan in effect dealing with transportation issues, but is the holistic plan that integrates more specific plans into a larger framework for the county.