Tulare County Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan

Federal Transit Administration (FTA) regulations require a Coordinated Public Transit Human Services Transportation Plan to be developed locally before local agencies and not-for-profit groups are eligible for funding under the FTA Section 5310 'Enhanced Mobility for Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities' program. This program funds projects aimed at more effectively serving the transportation needs of seniors and people living with disabilities.

TCAG performs an update to the Tulare County Coordinated Plan on a five (5) year cycle. Throughout Summer and Fall 2022, it convened a Coordinated Plan Advisory Group (CPAG) comprised of human service transportation stakeholders to review the recommendations of the 2019 Coordinated Plan and produce an updated list of strategies and projects to strengthen human service transportation in the region. As part of the regular plan updates, the latest demographic data relating to transportation disadvantaged segments of the population was also incorporated.

The current plan was adopted as the 2023 Tulare County Coordinated Plan in April 2023 following a two month-long public comment period. The full text of the plan can be accessed by clicking the link below.