Abandoned Vehicle Abatement (AVA)

Program Funding
The Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Program is a State of California program whereby counties and incorporated communities can receive funding to help defray the costs of removing abandoned vehicles within their jurisdiction.

Funding for the program comes from a $1 per vehicle Department of Motor Vehicles registration assessment. The state retains 1% for administration and makes the remainder available to the service authority in each region. Tulare County Association of Governments (TCAG) is the service authority for Tulare County. TCAG also retains 1% for its administration of the program, in keeping with state regulations.

The funds are distributed based upon the population of participating jurisdictions and the percentage of vehicles abated as reported in each jurisdiction’s quarterly report.

Contact Information
For additional information on the Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Program, please contact TCAG by calling (559) 623-0450.