Draft 2021 Federal Transportation Improvment Program


The purpose of the FTIP is to identify all transportation-related projects that require federal funding or other approval by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) or the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). The 2021 FTIP will cover the next four fiscal years (FFY 20/21, 21/22, 22/23 and 23/24). The FTIP also identifies all non-federal, regionally significant projects for information and air quality emissions modeling purposes. The FTIP indicates the area's short-term plan for use of federal dollars and other resources for the maintenance, operation, and improvement of the transportation system and the achievement of federal air quality standards over the next four federal fiscal years. 
Existing projects that were not obligated in the current 2019 FTIP were carried forward into the 2021 FTIP as well as the projects recently adopted in the 2020 State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). The typical funding programs associated with the FTIP include the STIP, State Highways Operations and Protection Program, Highway Bridge Program, Federal Transit Administration Programs (Transit), Surface Transportation Block Grant Program, Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Program, Highway Improvement Program and Active Transportation Program.

As a result of COVID-19, the submittal and adoption deadlines have been postponed until March 2021. The Draft 2021 FTIP  and corresponding Draft Air Quality Conformity Analysis will be presented and a public hearing will be held at the December 14, 2020 TCAG Board meeting. Adoption of the Final 2021 FTIP and corresponding Air Quality Conformity Analysis will occur at the February 22, 2021 TCAG Board meeting. The document will then be submitted to Caltrans for final approval and incorporation in the Federal Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (FSTIP). 

Draft 2021 Federal Transportation Improvement Program

Notice of Public Hearing and Public Review Period for 2021 Draft FTIP and corresponding Draft Conformity Analysis

2021 FTIP Development Schedule

30-Day Public Review Period Begins - December 7, 2020

Draft FTIP Presented to TCAG Board and Public Hearing Held - December 14, 2020

30-Day Public Review Period Ends - January 8, 2021

TCAG Board Approval of Final 2021 FTIP - February 22, 2021

TCAG Submittal of approved Final 2021 FTIP to Caltrans - February 26, 2021

Approval of FSTIP by Caltrans and submittal to FHWA and FTA for their approval - April 1, 2021

FSTIP Federal Approval - April 16, 2021

How to Submit Comments:

Public comments can be submitted during the 30-day public review and comment period (December 7, 2020 to January 8, 2021). Written comments can be submitted to the TCAG office via U.S. Mail to 210 N. Church Street, Suite B, Visalia, CA 93291, attention Gabriel Gutierrez, Senior Regional Planner or via email at ggutierrez@tularecog.org. Comments received by 5:00 p.m. on January 8, 2021 will be made a part of the record.

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