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Transit Guide
How to Read the Transit Guide
The transit guide shows the various routes of bus services in Tulare County. To read the transit guide follow these steps:
  1. Locate your route on the system map according to the city your destination is located at. Next, look at the individual route page. 
  2. Look at the top row of the timetable to find the stops closest to where you’ll get on and off the bus.
  3. Move down the columns to see what times (AM and PM) buses arrive at each stop. If your stop isn't listed, use the time shown for the stop right before it, since it’s better to get there too early than too late.
  4. If your desired pick up or drop off location is not listed, but there is a bus stop sign there, estimate the time between the stop before yours and the stop after yours to determine when you should be at the stop. Bus drivers will stop if someone is waiting.
  5. If you don't have a direct connection between your starting point and your destinations, then you will need to make a transfer. This may include an additional fee, see transfer information per transit provider. 

For questions about bus service, please contact the Green Line (1-877-40GO-GREEN) or visit their website for more information

Transit Guide

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Transit Provider Websites:
 Dinuba Area Regional Transit  Tulare County Area Transit
 Tulare Intermodal Express
 Kings Area Rural Transit  Visalia Transit
 Orange Belt  Woodlake Dial a Ride
 Porterville Transit